Temples are Naturopathy treatment centers

Temples in india
In ancient india, all temples are alongside river banks and there is a secret behind this.
All those rivers started flowing from mountains and flow through forests.
During their journey, rivers collect all essential minerals and herbal qualities from surrounding trees and soils.
Thats why bathing in river water was said to be a cure for many health ailments.

Also early morning bath in river while sun is rising is useful because seven colors in sunrays mingle with water in river and clean our body.
Especially, the violet color works on bone marrow and indigo color works on lungs.
Blue color works on nerves, Green works on heart and skin, Yellow works on digestive system, Orange on respiratory system, Red works on blood.
This is the reason why ancestors suggested to drink pure river water which is collected at sunrise time.

Pradakshinam , meaning bare feet circumambulation around temple will help us through acupuncture on our feet as we walk over soil or uneven surfaces made by granite tiles.
Also trees like bael, neem etc around temple absorb all carbondioxide during nights and release oxygen early in the morning. So our walk will help us gain more oxygen.

Idols in temple have invisible magnetic field emitting through them which work on six chakras in our body.
Bowing our head before idol makes our crown chakra also recieve that energy.
Our hair on scalp blocks that magnetic field, so in many temples devotees tonsure their heads so that they can recieve energy into their brain without any obstacle.

Also the food and water offered at temples help us purify our body.
By sitting in a temple for sometime, our minds get focussed on energies around and it helps us remove all negative energies in us.