Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose) Benefits

Vajrasana or Thunderbolt pose/Diamond pose in yoga is considered as best sitting posture for practicing breathing exercises and meditation.
The term Vajrasana is derived from two Sanskrit words Vajra means thunderbolt and Asana means pose.
Islamic religion suggests this pose for offering prayers(namaz).
After regular practice of this breathing exercises like pranayama, anulon vilom, kapalbhati by sitting in this pose, will make body strong as diamond.
In this posture, all seven chakras of body are aligned in straight line which makes it easy for the practitioner to raise his/her kundalini(serpent) sakthi and experience its movement along their spinal chord.

VajrasanaSteps for practicing Vajrasana :

  • Bend the legs backwards and sit with the help of your knees.
  • Stretch the legs towards the back and both toes should touch each other.
  • Keep the heels apart and let buttocks rest on heels, or let them lie in between the heels.
  • The waist neck and spine should be in a straight line. Rest both your hands on the knees and keep the elbows straight.
  • Look towards front, breathe normally.
  • If you breathe only into your stomach(not lungs) and allow that hot air from stomach to circulate throughout your body for a minute, it helps in reducing fat and removes all toxics from body.
Benefits of Vajrasana :
  • Those having gas problems should perform this asana, immediately after a meal.
  • It provides relief from sciatic pain.
  • The benefit of Vajrasana done for 5-7 minutes is equivalent to a long walking exercise. Also, the diamond pose (Vajrasana) is very beneficial in curing the problem of varicose veins.
  • This pose give longevity and strengthens the spine.

Practice vajrasana upto 15 minutes after food, do two times a day atleast, increases your digestion power and cures all digestion disorders. You can also do it for 15 minutes before food, which reduces obesity. Vajra means diamond in Sanskrit and is the strongest material, there is a naadi in human body known as vajra naadi, which is related to Genital organs, vajrasana empowers this nadi and hence strengthens all genital related organs and cures problems. It is said that practicing vajrasana will make genital organs and sexual strength upto the strength of ‘Vajra’ or Diamond Vajrasana is more important since It also affects the naadi known as’ Kanda’ which is related to 72000 other naadis, Vajrasana is considered to be a remedy for stomach disorders and digestion related problems. If somebody takes a close look to this asana, can see that it is closely related to the ’prayer posture’ of Muslims. It is also very efficient in curing leg pain due to arthritis, sexual disorders, urinary problems, etc. if you feel leg pain of any kind, practice vajrasana for at least 15 minutes, a great relief will be occurred, since it blocks blood to legs for some time, it enlarges and refreshes the blood vessels in legs and thus a great relief from leg pain is experienced.

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