7 Planets influence Leo, Aquarius in September 2017, Effects

Four planets form a cluster from last week of August 2017 in Leo (Simha Rasi).
While Sun, Mars, Rahu and Mercury (retrograde) conjunct in Leo, Moon will conjunct Ketu in Aquarius just before full moon day of 5 September 2017.
Planets Cluster in Leo 2017

While Mercury retrograde ends on fullmoon day, These 6 planets, along with Venus on the cusp of Cancer-Leo, will heavily influence Leo.
During this period, Mercury conjunct Mars – Energy unites with communication. Make those calls and send those texts. This is the ideal time for clearing all misunderstandings that happened over past few weeks.
Around 2nd week of September, Venus trines Saturn. This is good time for quiet pleasures. Spend some time with loved ones and old friends.
At the same time, Sun squares Saturn.
Saturn is “Lord of Karma.” It delivers results of our past actions. The problem is that those actions could be something we did years ago!
Any problems that come up today must be taken care of immediately. Otherwise, they will only get worse.
Around 15th September 2017 Venus sextile Jupiter – Now you can recover from that Saturn aspect of last Week. Treat yourself to something you really like. Mars can cause accidents like business accidents and also physical accidents.
Mars can make people restless and impatient. Things tend to get rushed, and that causes accidents. Slow down and be safe.

Around 16th september, Mercury conjunct Mars – You will tend to be much more blunt today. Try not to make too many enemies. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments.
Towards end of this month, Mercury square Saturn – Stick to routine matters today. Don’t ask anyone for favors right now. Their answer will probably be “NO.
Also towards last week of September, Mercury makes you see things much clearer. Fog has lifted and you can see things (and people) for what they are. But beware of Mars, which brings back the fog and clogs your judgement.
Jupiter can make you overenthusiastic, overconfident, and impatient all at once. Yes, that new idea you just had may be brilliant. But it needs more work. Do not rush into it.
Around 17th September 2017, Venus will let you have fun by doing something totally different, something you’ve never done before. Or something you haven’t done in a long time.
Towards end of the month, to be more precise, around 28-29th September 2017, Venus will allow many singles to meet their soulmates or potential life partners.
You are seeing what you want to see and not what is actually there.

This 7 planets influence on Leo and Aquarius, which actually follows the Major Solar Eclipse of this year, will heavily influence mundane horoscopes of USA, Pakistan, Australia, Canada and few european countries.
Rahu moving closer to all these planets will increase terrorist attacks in many countries.
Suicide attacks, public shootings, bomb blasts will be on the rise.

Influence of 7 Planets Cluster in September 2017 on 12 Moon Signs

Aries : Mental balance will be lost for a while. Judgement will be clogged and you will need help of your close friends.
Children will rebel against you. Lovers will have a tough time.

Taurus : Be careful while driving. Time spend at home will not give you any satisfaction.
Repair works, cleaning, re-arranging stuff at home will take your time. Health of mother can be a cause of concern.
Work pressure will make you want a holiday.

Gemini : Pressure will mount on you from family. Incidents and relations from past will haunt your mind. It will not be easy to concentrate on work and ignore past.
Confidence levels will be less. There can be some support from siblings and father.

Cancer : Worry about family and expenses will be on your mind. You will fear unnecessarily and ultimately discover that root of your fear does not actually exist.
There will be some expenditure towards family, hospitals, medicines.

Leo : Confusions, contradictions at work and chaos in family. Nervous weakness, vitamin deficiency, insomnia will effect your overall health.
Avoid all confrontations and maintain a low profile this month.
There will be severe opposition from all sides.

Virgo : There will be few sleepless nights but all that is due to your anxiety and imaginative problems.
Health will keep you worried. Expenditure can go beyond your control. Your enemies and friends can make a secret collaboration against you.

Libra : Children will oppose your ideas. There can be a split or mental seperation from loved ones.
Your attempts to cover the gaps in family, will not be fruitful. Others can easily notice tension in your mind.
Friends can help to some extent.

Scorpio : There will be some confusion at work. Frequent changes or alterations to plans, construction of house, health of mother, issues of childbirth will make you worry.
Few of you may lose job or a position. Mind will be restless and out of control in many occassions.
Need to control anger and stop taking major decisions for this month.

Sagittarius : You will be criticized for differences with siblings and elders in family.
Health will suffer and energy levels can go down. You will somehow get to know that your reputation has gone down.

Capricorn : Multiple obstacles will block your path. Family will not cooperate to large extent.
Health of spouse will bother you. Sleeplessness and a strange feeling of uneasiness will also bother you.
Physical strain and needless worry should be avoided.

Aquarius : There will be issues and clashes with colleagues, employees and partners.
Own health needs immediate attention. People around you will oppose your ideas and suggestions.
Nervous weakness, pain in legs and joints will be experienced.

Pisces : Expenditures and Income will balance each other. Communication with friends and wellwishers will keep your mood upbeat.
You will be physically and mentally strained with work. Uneven schedule, migraines, body pains will bother you.
Avoid excess load at work, multi tasking and multi threading. Try to handle one at a time.
Financially and emotionally satisfying month ahead.