Transit Mars through Natal Houses

Mars transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Mars was placed in Capricorn in your personal horoscope, then Mars transit through that sign (Aries) is called Transit Mars through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Mars transits Leo, it is Transit Mars through Natal 8th House.

Transit Mars through Natal 1st House : Vitality and competitveness increases. You will be fully assertive and very active during this transit.
Initiatons will be taken and self-confidence will remain high.
You will be adventurous, implusive and also health conscious.
If Mars is afflicted by nodes or any other malefic planets, it can make you head strong, selfish, self assertive, aggressive and quarrelsome.

Transit Mars through Natal 2nd House : Ambition for posession of expensive items and money will increase. You will try to acquire material prosperity.
Will remain touchy about beliefs, opinions and desires. Shopping will be impulsive. Afflicted Mars can lead to theft or disputes over properties.

Transit Mars through Natal 3rd House : You will be in danger of conflicts with neighbours and relatives. Arguments and aggressive behaviour are accompanied with intellectual competition.
There will be some eagerness to communicate quickly. Few will take constructive steps towards improvement of environment.

Transit Mars through Natal 4th House : There will be lot of physical activity.
Your actions will be impulsive and comes out of unconscious attitudes, behaviours from the past.
Emotional problems can lead to fights at home. You are required to honor feelings and aspirations of others.
Afflicted Mars can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Transit Mars through Natal 5th House : You will be insensitive in romantic relationships and also with children. Intense sexual desires will dominate your mind.
Physical love making, sexual acts are more important for you during this transit. This is also coupled with some jealousy.
There will be some newly developed interest in physical activities and sports.
Good time to plan for your aspirations. If Mars is badly afflicted, women should protect themselves from sexual molestation or harrassment.
Few can be more vocal, loud and would seek entertainments of violent nature, be it movies, sports, television or any daring acts.

Transit Mars through Natal 6th House : You will be ego oriented, remains dissatisfied with employers and working conditions.
Physical fitness programs will attract your attention. Those in jobs like army, police will do well.
Afflicted Mars can bring sudden illness, fevers, injuries, nervous strains etc.

Transit Mars through Natal 7th House : Aggressive and self-centered behaviour towards partners, business in general.
Confrontations and disagreements will occur in marriage. On the positive side, this Mars will bring energetic cooperation.

Transit Mars through Natal 8th House : You will attempt to restart joint financial activities, revival of dead or sick businesses.
If someone wants to make changes in business or at home, your ego will create confrontations with them.
Family will disagree regarding money and wasteful expenditure.
Afflicted Mars leads to sexual activation and illegal affairs. Accidents can also occur. Interest in occult and secret affairs will increase.

Transit Mars through Natal 9th House : Thoughts about religion, philosophy will get activated.
You will be more intellectually creative and convey your thoughts to others easily. Sometimes this can cause you to lose sympathy and respect among your social circle.
Foreign trips, political affairs are also highlighted.
Afflicted Mars can bring threatening situations while travelling in foreign countries. There can also be legal difficulties and court cases.

Transit Mars through Natal 10th House : Authoritative behaviour and ambitions related to profession will be highlighted.
Ego will be at its maximum and there will be no consideration for needs of others.
Desire for fame, status and prominence can dominate. This is the time to be independent and be own boss.
Afflicted Mars can indicate dictatorial and autocratic attiudes.

Transit Mars through Natal 11th House : Organizing groups and participating in them is highlighted.
Mars boosts up ego and usually promotes lonely work. Even in a group, it will make you dominate others.
Afflicted Mars makes you pretend and showoff as an humanitarian and fighter for noble causes. Also betrayal can happen.

Transit Mars through Natal 12th House : Secret and behind the scene activities are key notes of this transit.
You will not get due credit and will be pushed to the bottom.
There will be constant feeling of irritation and uneasiness. You will unknowingly create a wrong impression, which undermines your position and also develop secret enemies.
You will be emotionally upset and need to constantly question yourself.
It is better to work to charity institutes. Afflictions can lead to involvement in secret intrigues or be subject to secret enemity.