Rahu in Cancer Ketu in Capricorn 2017-19, Effects

Shadow planets or Moon’s nodes, Rahu and Ketu will be transiting in Cancer (Karka Rasi) and Capricorn (Makara Rasi) respectively from 11th September 2017 after 02:53 hours IST till 24 March 2019, 03:41 IST (taking TRUE positions of nodes and KP ayanamsa).
Rahu moving into 4th house of Kalapurusha(when counted from Aries as 1st house), will create more addiction to tobacco and drugs.
Lung Cancer patients will increase. More people will die to cardiac arrests or sudden heart failures.
New type of Virus will be detected in 2018 which will spread similar to H1N1 (swine flu). This virus can effect brains of animals and humans.
Real estate business will collapse in major cities, but pickup in newly developed cities.
Road and rail accidents will increase in next 18 months.
Rahu in Cancer Ketu in Capricon 2017-19

Also, Rahu will wobble between Aslesha nakshatra in Cancer and Magha nakshatra in Leo for few days.
After entering into Aslesha on 11 September, Rahu will go back to Magha on 16 September 2017, 11:09 IST.
It will have a retro and direct motion in Magha for 3 days and comeback to Aslesha on 19 September 2017, 07:00 IST.
(Reason for Rahu Ketu direct motion is explained here…)
Rahu and Ketu do not cast their effect directly. Just like Sun light needs a medium to travel to earth, Rahu-Ketu manifest their results upon your life through people, events, situation changing around you taking you completely off guard. Rahu is the most powerful planet, as it changes your destiny without you being able to control it.
Also, when conjunct with other planets, Rahu-Ketu become more powerful and deliver results of those planets too.
Banks will struggle to recover housing or car loans. Number of cars will increase. New models will be released by every company, but only few will be liked and sold in high volumes.
Saturn will aspect Ketu for initial 2 months of this transit, which will cause sudden breakups, while few singles can unexpectedly land up in new relations.
Jupiter will not aspect either Rahu or Ketu for next 1 year, which will only increase their adverse effects.
Saturn and Ketu will hit east coast of USA with heavy cyclone. Threat of North Korea will continue and the worst nightmare can come true.
USA will repent its mistakes of funding countries like Pakistan.
China will kept under control. Its economy will slow down from second half of 2018.
India will face threats from all corners. There is high possibility of confrontation at Pakistan border, while China keeps threatening.
European countries will face more trouble with immigrants. Racism and public shootouts will increase in multiple cities of USA.
In India, Congress Party will be forced to rethink their strategy and change leadership before 2019 March. They will lose more states to BJP.

Previous transit of Rahu in Cancer Ketu in Capricorn 1999-2000

When Rahu-Ketu had last transited the sign of Cancer & Capricorn in 1999-2000, world had witnessed the dot com bubble bust and financial markets across the world had nosedived.
India faced tough situations with terrorists, who hijacked an Air India flight 804 to Kandahar.
Kargil war with Pakistan also happened at same time.
This is how Rahu hits you suddenly, when you are relaxed and do not know what is happening at your back.
There will be similar situation at border for India, between 03 December 2017 – 29 April 2018.

Rahu controls Bacteria on earth, while Ketu is responsible for all Viruses.
Saturn aspecting Ketu during September-October 2017, can cause more viral diseases. More number of young people will die to heart failures.
More number of pain killers will be sold by pharma companies in next 18 months.
Young people will become more sensitive and attempt suicides for silly reasons. Costs of building materials like cement, sand, paint, wood, bricks will increase.

Earth quake in himalayan mountains can effect Nepal, Tibet, China, India, Pakistan, Bhutan.
Racism and religious terrorism will increase all over the world.
In previous transit of Ketu in Aquarius, new malware and virus attacked millions of computers running older versions of Microsoft Windows, as predicted.
This time, smart phones will be effected. Older versions of Andriod will be hacked (As it happened earlier too).
Cyber crime will increase. Mobile Banking or money transaction Apps will prove to be unsafe.

This Rahu in Cancer Ketu in Capricorn transit would open doors to locked karmic events, especially if your present age is 17-18, 35-36, 53-54 or 71-72.
Both these shadow planets will be returning to where they were at the time of your birth.
That means, if have Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn in your natal chart, then you will experience a Rahu Ketu return chart as it happens once in multiples of 18 years.
Next 18 months will be a period of extra-ordinary Karmic changes in your life as Rahu and Ketu are Karmic trigger planets and they trigger major Karmic events for those aspects of life that are signified by the house through which it is transiting.
For example : If Cancer and Capricorn signify your 11th and 5th house, then childless couples will get an oppurtunity to become parents during this transit. Singles can meet their soulmates.
It can be a wedding, child birth, relief from some long term loan, travel to some foreign country or returning home, Rahu in Cancer Ketu in Capricorn brings sudden, unexpected changes in life.
But during this transit, Jupiter does not aspect both these planets for 1 year, which means we are left without any guidance.

Rahu represents our weaknesses that we carry from past lives, while Ketu holds our strength, spirtual knowledge from multiple past lives.
Ketu in Saturn’s sign leads to mental and physical seperations. More people will be interested in spiritual practices, yoga, occult etc.
Arthritis patients also can increase, but most of them will recieve some sort of treatment.
More women will suffer from Breast Cancer or similar cyst / lump formations in chests.
There will be unrest among working class or the lower income groups.
Government policies will appear good only on paper but fail in application.
Generally, transit of Rahu in Cancer Ketu in Capricorn is good for people born under Moon Signs of Aquarius, Taurus and Virgo (partial), Scorpio.
Others will have mixed results.