Gold and Silver price forecast 2013

Gold price forecast 2013Gold and Silver prices will increase but not exponentially in 2013.
As Jupiter moves into dual sign Gemini, in last week of may, prices will start fluctuating.
Since saturn is not aspecting jupiter this year, common man cannot afford to buy gold.
Also, Jupiter is the ruler for the hindu new year (Vijaya), in 2013-14 and it promotes banking and finance sectors.
People will be investing more in virtual gold (ETFs) and trading.

As jupiter is in dual sign during second half of the year, original and fake gold (ornaments) will have equal share in the market.
Many will go for alternates like 1 gram gold.

Silver price will also go up but robbery incidents of silver ornaments will increase.

Ancient medical sciences like Ayurveda will gain more popularity and use of Gold, Silver in ayurvedic medicines will increase.
These factors will also effect price of gold and silver.
American Economy will not improve and unemployment will increase, but still Obama’s popularity will not decrease.
European economy will continue to be similar to last year.

Rahu in venus’s sign libra, along with saturn will cause more robberies this year, so it is advisable not to wear too much of gold and silver (even fake).