Predictions for birth number 3 and fadic number 6

Numerology fadic number 6Method to calculate birth number and fadic number :
If you are born on dates 3,12,21,30 of any month, then your birth number is 3.
The single number remaining after adding up numbers in date, is taken.
How to find your fadic number : if you are born on 15th june 1983, 1+5+6+1+9+8+3 = 33
3+3 = 6.
so your fadic or destiny number is 6.

So, if your birth number is 3 and fadic number is 6, then you are under the influence of JUPITER and VENUS.

Jupiter (Guru/Brihaspati) is the preceptor of the angels and Venus (Sukra) is the preceptor of demons. Such being the position, the people of this group have a conflicting personality, pulled in opposite directions.
For people with number 3 as CorĀ­poral/Birth Number, the fadic number six is not auspicious.


They invite harm to themselves by their own actions and talk. If they have suitable names, they will reach high positions. If the name is not suitable, they will have to face problems due to their association with women and excessive lust. They will have misunderstanding with their brothers and sisters and their friends. Their plans will collapse.

Some of the people of this category are in government jobs. Yet they lead a restless life. People in business also move up and down alternately. But if the name is suitable, then they will enjoy a good life full of amenities. The men of this number are troubled and’ worried by women and vice versa. They have sex appeal because of their attractive personality. They should control their sex urge.

Life Style

Though they are forethought and good knowledge, yet they engage in undesirable actions. Even if some of them try to lead a virtuous life, the circumstances will be such .that they will only earn a- bad name. Fate will always be working against them. If they adjust their names the total number of which is 46, then life will brighten up step by step.

Suitable name

People with suitable names will face less bad effects. They will attain a good position in life by doing business in luxury goods, activities connected with the fine arts or handicrafts. They enjoy visiting hill stations and looking at natural scenery. Though they are fond of luxurious life, sometimes they will appear as if they have lost all interest in life. In such situations, they will do everything in a confused manner instead of striving for perfection. If they adjust their names suitably as shown below, they will become well-to-do persons.

Naming Method

People of this category may change their names to suit the numbers of the Sun or Mars. The numbers of the Sun are: 19,37,46,64, etc. The Mars numbers are: 27, 36, 45, etc.


They will earn money from business in luxury goods, textile (piece-goods) business, factories and commission business also will be profitable to them.


They may get mental illness, heart pain, pain in the joints, toothache and eye trouble. If they amend” their names suitably, these diseases can be cured.

Numerology Tips

Lucky numbers : 1, 5, 9
Lucky dates : 1, 5, 9, 10, 14, 18, 19, 23, 27, 28
Lucky stones : Golden topaz, Yellow sapphire
Lucky colours : Light blue, Light yellow
Unsuitable colour : None
Unsuitable dates : None