Jupiter Effects in Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21)

Jupiter Sarvari nama samvatsara 2020-21Jupiter (Guru Graha) is the Sasyadhipati (Agriculture) and Nirasapdhipati for Vedic New Year Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21).
Price of Gold and Silver increases in 2020 with a powerfully placed Jupiter.

Few governments will increase prices on tobacco products.
Also prices of gemstones, perfumes, oils extracted from seeds, milk and other dairy products increases.
Fake seeds, pesticides can effect food production.
Cyclones, floods can also effect agriculture.
Youth act irresponsibly and get addicted to luxurious lifestyles, alcohol, drugs.
Cyber crime, fake Apps to steal money are made by youth.
Women dominate men in many ways.
Gastroenterologists are the most busiest doctors in Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21).
alcoholism increases.

New relationships between couples cross all decency limits. Few relations cannot be given names in existing society.
Elder are insulted when they try to interfere.
Earthquake possible during June 2020 in Asian countries.
Future of many countries economies look uncertain.
People will be more inclines towards yoga, ancient religions, rituals but even in those processes and items used, adulteration happens.
Sand will be in huge demand and it will be traded between continents (Middle-East and Australia).

Income tax department and Enforcement Directorate exposes Gold bought with untaxed money few years back. Stacks of cash get exposed.
Relgious beliefs and conversions, mass prayers happen almost everyday in every city.
Changes in education system or syllabus is possible.
People trust more in Babas and Gurus, than in themselves.