Jupiter transit in LEO (Simha Rasi) from 13 July 2015, Effects

Jupiter, the biggest benefic planet which also controls financial businesses, gold price fluctuations, justice in society, family relations, fat in body etc will be entering into its friendly sign, Leo (Simha Rasi) on 13 July 2015 at 17:54 IST according to K.P Ayanamsa.
It will remain in Leo till 11 August 2015 (08:39 IST) and during these 13 months, it will give positive effects for people born under moon signs and Ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
Jupiter in LEO (Simha Rasi)

New Moon in Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) happens within 2 days after Jupiter moves into Leo.
Emotions run higher for the next two weeks. Be very careful of arguments because Mercury is moving close to Mars. So be careful what you say.
When they conjunct around 16th July, avoid all heated arguments, emails, text messages etc that can cause trouble.
Tempers are shorter, especially in the work area.
Around 14 July 2014, Venus squares Saturn and this is not good time for communication with lovers.
Avoid all romantic affairs for atleast a week.
Around 21st-22nd July Mercury and Sun will trine Saturn and this is right time to find stability and take care of all your practical tasks.
Good for serious communication. Talk it out.
Sun moves to friendly Cancer on 17th July and helps above relation repair work.

Jupiter asks us to expand our experiences, knowledge, and understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance.
In Cancer, Jupiter motivated us to respect our intuition, emotions, families, and inner needs, and to build our support systems.
Now, Jupiter transit in LEO makes us identify strongly with our own opinions, beliefs, and perceptions, and we may take it quite personally if others disagree! We make our own opportunities, and we are at our best when we are thinking in big terms, taking calculated risks, and displaying confidence in ourselves.
Jupiter in a Fire sign teaches us to embrace our more confident, brave, and outgoing selves. This is how we grow and expand. More specifically with Jupiter in Leo, we attract the most good fortune when we express magnanimity, are generous with others, inspire confidence in others, conduct ourselves with dignity and sincerity, and avoid the pitfall of excessive egotism.
Particularly prosperous areas are creative ones, entertainment, children, and recreation.

LEO is a dramatic sign (which loves drama, creativity, fiction, romance, comforts etc). So Jupiter in Leo can bring out the best of creativity in you.
People who are waiting for long time for a break and recognition in creative and artistic fields will get due credit when Jupiter transits Poorva Phalguni & Uttara Phalguni nakshatras since mid-september 2015.
In next 13 months, Jupiter makes us place strong emphasis and value on expressing affection, admiration, generosity, romance, and uniqueness.
We see opportunities to grow and succeed through creative self-expression, our own personalities, sharing our happiness and time with others, helping people, and improving ourselves.

If you have put on some weight during past 12 months, this would be best time to hit back at gym or pick up your yoga mats as Leo asks us to stay fit.
Best time to start doing Surya Namaskar poses.
With Jupiter in Leo, we may focus too much on our image. We might brag, self-aggrandize, spend too much, give too much, or succumb to other destructive extravagances.
For success in profession, take pride in your work and talk with confidence.
For success in love, be attentive, romantic, loving, and proud, but at the same time allow for freedom.
Most of the effects you faced between August 2003 – September regarding your health, finances, relations, career etc will be repeated at a different level in next 13 months.

As Saturn goes direct from August 2015 and aspects Jupiter in Leo for most part of next 13 months, diseases related to nerves, blood pressure, liver, pancreas, colon will increase.
If Jupiter signifies 1st house in your personal horoscope, you will maintain robust health and will try to look during jupiter transit in leo.
Canada, China, USA, Australia, Germany, Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Japan, Phlippines, Syria will face tough situations.

If Jupiter signifies benefic houses, it will give success in love, birth of child, unexpected gains and good health. Ill effects of Jupiter transit in Leo can lead to problems in love, loss of children, loss in speculation and accidents.

During this transit, Jupiter also conjucts Rahu in Leo from last week of December 2015 to form guru chandal yoga in Leo, and at the same time, Saturn changes nakshtra transit to Jyeshta to aspect this combination.
This leads to new methods in crime, irresponsible youth, heavy alcohol and drug usage, breaking of many joint families, death of celebrities, lack of respect towards law.
Mars adding to Jupiter during november-december 2015 will lead to violent crimes, deaths through accidents.

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