Saturn Venus Conjunction in Sagittarius during December 2017 – January 2018, Effects

Venus will be joining its friendly planet Saturn in Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi) on 20 December 2017 at 16:27 IST.
While Saturn is the biggest karmic influencer and a hard task master, Venus indicates Love, Opulence, Luxury and Financial gains.
Saturn Venus Conjunction 2017 will happen in their inimical sign Sagittarius and continue until Venus transits into friendly Capricorn (Makara Rasi) on 13 January 2018 at 12:41 IST.
Saturn Venus Conjunction in Sagittarius 2017-18

Saturn Venus conjunction in a horoscope is highly desirable. The duo has been instrumental in success stories of many rich & famous personalities including Akbar the Great, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi & US President Donald Trump.
It is a rare opportunity to lay the foundation of building up wealth in 2018. This Saturn Venus Conjunction for 24 days brings in a wonderful period when financial decisions as well as professional steps can unlock wealth, as destined in your horoscope. This augurs well to analyze the trends & find out the right clues on how to position yourself for money in 2018.
Saturn will make you take up the challenges in life, push you into pursuing till the very end and take learning lessons from these experiences to make life better.
Whether you would gain from investments, business, job, real estate, creative power or the plain ability to speak & influence people, your financial status & wealth combinations are all coded in your horoscope.

When Venus and Saturn are in conjunction, although Saturn and Venus are good friends in astrology, Venus is not happy being with Saturn.
Its is like a young charming woman (Venus) meeting an old sick man (Saturn).

If you are born with Saturn Venus conjunction in your personal horoscope or a direct Saturn aspecting Venus (Saturn being in 4th or 7th or 11th house from Venus) or a Retrograde Saturn aspecting Venus (Saturn being in 3rd or 7th or 10th house from Venus), then upcoming 24 days can bring a big turning point regarding career, love and money.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to have Saturn and Venus combination in their horoscope.
On 25th December 2017, Venus and Saturn will be placed at same degree in Sagittarius and this will trigger an oppurtunity to either make some quick money or build a long lasting partnership or finding new love.

This combination is a small limited time window of opportunity.
However, both Venus and Saturn will remain combust due to close proximity with Sun.
Saturn Combustion will end after 08 January 2018, while Venus remains combust until 20 February 2018.

This reduces the strength of Venus Saturn conjunction. However, few powerful results will be delivered without fail. This applies more to people born with Saturn-Venus combination in their horoscopes.
alcoholism, late night parties, drug usage, sexual affairs with elder people, extra marital affairs will increase during this period.
Analysing the connection between 2nd and 11th house of your horoscope along with Jupiter, Venus & Saturn will indicate wealth creation.
If there is a linkage of 11th and 4th house, gain could be from real estate investments.
With a strong 8th house, you could benefit from other’s wealth owing to your past karma.
Similarly, strong 5th and 9th house of your chart point to a strong Money Karma.

People born under moon signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces will experience positive effects of this Venus-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius.
Worst will be for people born under moon signs of Taurus (loss or return from a position), Gemini (uncertainity in relation), Leo (dilemma and indecisiveness), Capricorn (exhausted by travel and bones or tooth related issues).
Others will have moderate period.