Six planets effect Taurus and Scorpio in December 2012

Taurus 2011Three planets, Rahu, Venus and Mercury will be transiting Scorpio (Vrishchik Rasi) and 3 more planets, Moon, Ketu and Jupiter(retrograde) transit Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi) between 25-27 december 2012 and will be opposing each other.
People born under ascendant and moon sign of scorip will be heavily influenced during these 3 days and also saturn in their 12th house will add to their woes.
Nervous weakness, laziness, lack of concentration and self confidence, depression, confusion etc will prevail.
Some of them can be heavily strained at work and home.
Moon conjunct ketu and retrograde jupiter will cause general lack of interest in many activities.
It is only good for spiritual progress.

Venus and Mercury influenced by Rahu will cause skin irritation, fall in libido and lack of self esteem.
Also crime on women will increase when venus transits scorpio along with rahu.
After moon moves into gemini on 27th december, some psychological problems will be reduced but physical problems will continue till second week of january 2013.

This period is good for people born under cancer, capricorn, pisces acsendants and moon signs.
Leo natives will face some confusion, dullness and lack of interest in profession.
Virgo natives will be planning some travel and it will be re-scheduled.
Libra natives will suffer from financial and health loss.
Gemini and Sagittarius natives will have to cut down their expenses and postpone travel plans.
Aquarians will be busy re-arranging their home and organizing parties.

Indian government’s reputation will go down as crime and corruption will increase.
Opposition will start gaining strength and hopelessness prevails among parties running the central government in delhi.

Winter will be much cooler than anticipated and also cold-cough related and skin diseases will effect people with moon, venus and mercury afflicted.
Real estate will be on rise due to powerful position of mars till end of january 2013.

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