Nandana Nama Samvatsara Predictions for 2012-13

The new hindu New Year named Nandana is starting on March 22nd, 2012 at 20:08 hours IST.
And from next day’s sunrise, the new year is counted.
It has Kanya Lagna with Saturn(Retrograde) in libra, Rahu in scorpio, Sun with Moon and Mercury(retrograde) in pisces, Jupiter with Venus in aries, Ketu in taurus and Mars(retrograde) in leo.

This year, divorce rates will increase with sun in 7th house and venus in 8th house.
Cost of living will increase and scarcity of water will become big issue with lack of proper rainfall.
Jupiter in aries will make peope fight for justice but ultimately the corrupt will have an edge over the honest.
Saturn will re-enter libra from august and will bring downfall of many celebrities in politics, cinema, sports, businesses etc.
Saturn restores democracy and will give upliftment to people who emerge without any family backgrounds. But this process will be slow.

Nandana Nama new year 2012-13 predictions and horoscope

Prices of petroleum prodcuts, gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, electrical appliances will increase.
One more dictator in middle-east countries will face his end.

The period wise results will be as follows this year :

  • Between 23 march – 30 june : During this period many planets will be conjunct in mars owned aries and also mars in leo will cause raise in temperatures.
    This summer will be hotter than last year and will consume few lives.
    Many road accidents and one big railway accident will occur.
    Huge scams and scandals will be exposed and this will make few politicians resign to their posts.
    Rains will start on time but quantity of rainfall will not be satisfactory.
    Jupiter will move into taurus and saturn in retrograde motion will go back to virgo during this period.
    These transits can cause change of governments wherever elections will be conducted.
    Political parties in power will have to face few setbacks from voters.
    Aged politicians will slowly disappear from public life.
    Decisions made in schools and universities will cause problems for students.
  • Between 1 July – 30 September: During this period, Jupiter and Venus in taurus will be conjunct and aspected by Saturn and Mars from virgo and libra.
    These combinations will create social unrest in many countries.
    Constant disturbance to public life and government administration will cause heavy losses to the revenue.
    Few coastal areas in india will experience heavy rainfall and floods.
    Bangladesh, west bengal, orisaa will suffer from huge losses.
    Few big financial companies will be shut down.
    USA and canada will face hurricanes.
  • Between 1 october – 31 december : Mars joining rahu in scorpio and opposing jupiter in taurus will create more tense situations in cities.
    Raise in terrorism, fire accidents, heavy rainfall, earth quakes in north indian states will be seen.
    India will have border related tensions with china and pakistan.
    Tourists visiting beaches will have bad experiences.
    After november, saturn and rahu will be in libra and this will cause frequent road accidents, communal riots, agitations against governments.
    One scam in defence and military will be exposed.
    Fake babas and gurus will also be exposed by media.
    Gold and silver prices will suddenly raise.
    Heavy snowfall will cause traffic problems in many northern countries.
  • Between 1 january 2013 – 10 april 2013 : Situations will be under control of governments and unrest among people since past 6 months will be reduced.
    But saturn and rahu conjunction will still cause road accidents and tense situations during nights due to robberies.
    West indian states like gujarat and maharashtra will face unexpected bad events.
    Next year’s budget will bring more changes for income tax payers and new taxes will be added heavily.
    Administration in states like karnataka and andhra pradesh will become unresponsive as all situations will be out of their control.
    East indian states will experience earth quakes.

As for Vedic Panchanga (Almanac) there will be a cabinet for the year(2012-13) as shown below :

These yearly predictions are based on entry of sun into various rasis and most importantly to makara(capricorn) and Mesha(aries) besides lunar year beginning.