Six Planets in their Own Houses – September 2020

Vedic Astrology Effects of Six Planets (Mars, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn) in their respective own houses during 13-15 September 2020
Six Planets in their own houses

Six Major Planets will be transiting their own respective houses during 13-15 September 2020, which causes rare combination of yogas according to vedic astrology.
Mars (retrograde) in Aries (Mesha), Moon in Cancer (Karkataka), Sun in Leo (Simha), Mercury in Virgo (Kanya), Jupiter in Sagittarius (Dhanus), Saturn (retrograde) in Capricorn (Makara) form very rare combination which was not witnessed in past 400 years.
Such rare combination will again occur during September 2257 CE and none of us will be alive to witness it.
Out of these six planets, Jupiter (R) aspects Sun (trine), while Mars (R) and Saturn (R) aspect each other (square), Moon and Saturn (R) aspects each other (opposition).
These aspects are bad for economic state of the world which is already hit by covid-19 and lockdown.
Unemployment situation will worsen as many industries cannot recover from recent losses.
Sun and Moon move out of their own signs on 15 september 2020, which eases situation to some extent.

Incarnations of Evolved Souls with Six Planets in own Houses – September 2020

During such rare placements of planets, Avatars are incarnated on to earth.
One such combination occured 6 years ago, during 15-16 September 2014, when Four exalted planets (Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter), along with two powerful planets in own signs (Mars, Sun) and Rahu, Ketu placed in their friendly, comfortable signs with their signlords exalted.
Venus was transiting its own nakshatra, Poorva Phalguni during that time.
If a child is born while Moon is highly exalted and in own nakshatra (Rohini) between 10;26 IST on 13 September – 20:23 IST on 15 September 2015, then he/she will enjoy benefits of this rare maha sanyoga.
Such a kid born under favorable lagnas of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces will grow up to become a great spiritual leader or an icon.
This child will create history in his/her own field and line of expertise.

People born under this conjunction will be respected a lot. They may become a minister or a person of high influence in government. They may acquire diseases related to the sexual organs.
They are philanthropist by nature, and are well respected by all.
Bhadra Yoga: If Mercury is in its own sign, the person is said to be intelligent, eloquent, and well-educated.

Ruchaka Yoga: If Mars in own sign, healthy, adventurous, and victorious.

Hamsa Yoga: If Jupiter in own sign, wealthy, a seeker, and very likeable.

Sasa Yoga: If Saturn in own sign, person is a leader, effective, and discerning.