Twin Cluster of 3 Planets each in Leo & Virgo, October 2015 Effects

leo and virgoA very rare twin cluster of 3 planets each is going to build up in the successive signs of Leo & Virgo from 1st October 2015.
Venus, will move into Leo (Simha Rasi) on that date and be conjunct with Jupiter, Mars.
On the other hand, Retrograde Mercury in its exalted sign Virgo will become direct on 9 October to continue in same sign until end of that month.
Sun will be the first planet to break this twin cluster on 17 October, when it enters Libra.
This makes Jupiter with Mars & Venus in Leo, and Sun, Rahu (Moon’s North Node) & Mercury would group up in Virgo (Kanya Rasi).
This brings 66% of the planets within 16% of the zodiac ring creating an extraordinary pull on a very small & concentrated part.

Moon will join them on 8 October 2015 from 13:16 IST and this makes a 7 planets cluster within 2 Signs until 13 October, 14:59 IST.
Those 5 days will give extreme results, based on what houses do Leo and Virgo signify in your horoscope.
The Mars + Venus combination in the aggressive sign of Leo has the divine Jupiter with them.
Mars + Venus in Leo are known to fuel passions very aggressively and Jupiter would add fuel to the fire.
As a result, you can expect some very exciting moments close to the 20th October bringing in very interesting & sudden developments & expressions of love, which you were too hesitant to articulate in the past.
The saving grace would be that the good sense would prevail & keep the outlook honorable.
On the other hand, Sun & Rahu would continue to simulate the Solar Eclipse effects & Mercury would join in bringing in a high amount of stress, imagined problems, hysteria in thinking & even panic at times very close to the 8th October.
This makes it a very different sort of a combination when high passion or romance could come at the time of some strange stressful events or a sudden resurfacing of old issues & fears.

Everyone will get opportunities to make substantial grounds & gains in relationship & finances due to the Jupiter effect of Mars-Venus combine, while the negative effect of Sun-Rahu-Mercury conjunction may lead us making a mistake in a financial decision during this period.

Effects and Precautions for 7 Planets in Leo, Virgo during October 2015 (based on Moon Sign)

Aries (Mesha Rasi): Life can be Mess, if you do not take right decisions at right time.
If you are planning to make changes in your career, then this is not the right time.
Large investments, loans (giving or taking) should be avoided.
This is the time to lay low and execute futuristic plans silently. Best time to spend with loved ones.

Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi): You can find new love and comfortable life at home.
Savings can increase but need to spend watchfully.
Spending more time with family gives satisfaction.
Few can experience lucid dreams.

Gemini (Mithuna Rasi): Frequent travelling can bore and tire you.
Casual romance will backfire, so avoid it.
There will be some pressure from family about money, investments or marriage.
Postpone important emails and decisons till 2nd week of october.

Cancer (Kark Rasi): Good time to increase your bank balance.
Except for relations with siblings, everything else will look normal.
Health of a family member can bother few of you.

Leo (Simha Rasi): There will be some confusions and back-stabbings in your career.
It is wise to stay away from publicity and unnecessary attention.
Financial position can be below average for few of you.
Avoid extravagance and wait for favorable time, which start from end of this year.

Virgo (Kanya Rasi): Avoid shopping as you might end up buying useless or wrong stuff.
Texting can lead to misunderstandings. Financial position looks average.
Postpone all major investment and loan decisions to 2016.
Avoid all legal issues and do not get into any issue involving police.

Libra (Thula Rasi): Income and Expenditure will balance each other.
However, with Venus in your 11th house, health and savings can improve to some extent.
Those who suffered from infections and other health issues until september, will see some relief in october.
Have control over your diet and do not travel much.

Scorpio (Vrischik Rasi): Time is good to recover money stuck at different places.
This is when you should plan your future investments with trust worthy people.
Health will be good and income will increase compared to last month.
Family will need your attention as health of one member can deteriorate.
Spending quality time with learned and wise people will boost your morale.

Sagittarius (Dhanus Rasi): This is right time to improve your career prospects.
Long distance travel, higher education, spiritual and religious activities are favored throughout this month.
Health of kids can bother few of you.
Time to exhibit your intellectual and analytical skills.

Capricorn (Makara Rasi): Your reputation can be tarnished by family or close relations.
Need to control public behaviour (especially with opposite sex).
Secret journeys will be criticized openly.
Few of you can can on a pilgrimage with family. Your kids and loved ones will go against your wish.

Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi): Behaviour and attitude of spouse will give you sleepless nights.
All 7 planets opposing you during october 2015, will take a toll on physical and mental health.
Avoid long distance travel and take enough rest at home.
Spiritual activities can be tiresome. Loneliness should be diverted towards useful activities.

Pisces (Meena Rasi): Your time is favorable for planning, thinking, preparing and discussing future ideas.
You will have some brainstorming sessions which will prove to be useful for future.
Avoid short term loans. Long term EMIs etc will be granted.
Romance shows a rosy picture as someone can capture your attention or you will come into someone’s eyes and ignite passion.
Having control over expenditure is advised for next 2 months.
Health will improve with balanced diet and proper sleep.