Twin Exaltation of Venus and Jupiter during February-March 2015

twin exaltation venus jupiterVenus, the biggest benefic in modern times, which also controls luxuries, money, success in business, glamour, popularity, relations with opposite gender will be exalted in Pisces between 16th february – 12th March 2015.
During this time, another major benefic planet Jupiter will also be exalted but retrograde in Cancer.
This twin exaltation of Venus and Jupiter during February-March 2015 is a rare combination which happens only once in twelve years.
Last time this celestial phenomenon was seen in April-May 2003.
If you have experienced major positive changes during that time, then be prepared to re-experience such events at a different level now.
Exalted Venus gives immense popularity, celebrity status and money, while exalted Jupiter gives sudden stroke of luck, good family life, profits through investments etc.
If both Venus and Jupiter signify same house in your personal horoscope, then intense effects of that house will be experienced in next few days.

Both are wisdom planets (Venus is more practical, while Jupiter is spiritual) and they will guide you through a series of oppurtunities or events which will transform your life.
This twin exaltation of venus and jupiter in 2015 is more powerful than that of 2003 because, both these planets are in trine with major karmic planet Saturn and powerfully placed Mars in Pisces.

Luckily, the placement of Saturn & Mars in the trine ensures that the level of hurdles in life would be at an all time low too.
This special combination spells out opportunities and all of us smart enough would grab them and make the effort to change & scale up our destiny during this very rare and opportune time period. This is the phase when majority of the planets in birth chart would be waiting to give us opportunity for growth in the coming years.
If a child is born during above period in ascendants of Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, their life will experience complete benefits of 2 great exalted benefic planets.
Irrespective of their nature, they possess a very grand idea of love, and they have an indulgent side to them that is unmistakable, and possibly hard to control.
They have BIG hearts and do not care about expenditure when it comes to spending for their loved ones or their favorite shopping items.
They are loyal and have lofty ideas about love and frienship.
Good sense of humour, easy going nature, good smile, highly romantic, extravagant in shopping are their qualities.

This is the best time to make investments, enter into new partnerships, signing of legal agreements for long term, meeting your life partner, proposing to your love, finding your twin flame, making up for past mistakes and broken relations.
Trine aspect of Jupiter on Venus will make a person love art, increase creativity, good imagination, better judgement.