Mercury Effects in Manmadha Nama Samvatsara (2015-16)

Mercury effects in manmadha nama samvatsaraMercury controls agriculture and food productions in Vedic New Year Manmadha Nama Samvatsara (2015-16).
More investment will be made to cultivate, to buy pesticides etc but lesser returns will be seen.
Vegatables that grow under the soil like potato, onions etc will be produced lesser and their prices will increase.

Flowers used to make perfurmes and incense sticks will be on demand.
Ayurveda will be more popular and new medicinal herbs and trees will be discovered.

Natural calamities will destroy agriculture to some extent this year.
People will suffer from more psychological problems and alcoholism, drug usage increases.
Number of women in list of criminals will also increase.
Sexual scandals of few bigwigs will get exposed by media.

Prices of milk and its byproducts will also increase in 2015-16.
Adulterated food also increases and along with this, new mysterious virus will cause serious threat.
Ayurvedic Medicines will be more costlier than homeopathy or allopathy.
Diabetic and Cancer patients will be more this year when compared to past.
People will turn philanthropic and tend to donate more food this year.

More clouds and less rain will disappoint farmers.
Lawyers, Doctors, Astrologers, Occultists will be on demand in 2015-16.