Bandhana Yoga, Arrest, Jail or Imprisonment

Bandhana Yoga, possiblity of going to Jail or Imprisonment in Vedic Astrology is mainly due to a badly placed Rahu. Mars indicates Police and law enforcement officers. Rahu controls Jails, asylums, mortuaries, pathology lab etc.
If Lagna (Ascendant) lord and 6th house lord are conjunct in a kendra (1,4,7,10 houses) or trikon (1,5,9 houses) with Saturn and either Rahu or Ketu, the above Bandhana Yoga will be formed in a person’s horoscope.

Bandhana Yoga

If the above rule is applied from Moon’s sign, then Mental Imprisonment can happen. Natives can chose to isolate themselves from society and remain within four walls.
Few of them can get mentally sick and disconnect from normal world.
This also applies to Seers and Monks who decide to break free from materialistic world and seek spiritual progress in solitude.
Also, malefic planets placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses from Ascendant can send the native to jail.
6th house is disease or trouble from Law Enforcement. 8th house indicates threat and 12th house indicates actual imprisonment.
Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars are primarily responsible for causing Bandhana Yoga.
Any other planet conjunct these 4 malefics in 2,5,6,8,9,12 houses can suffer from bandhana yoga according to the nature of those planets. These four malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars) cause the 4 types of bandha yoga.

Four Types of Bandhana Yoga

Ari Bandhana Yoga : This is caused by Saturn (Sani) and is a result of prarabdha karma, carried from past lives.
Native could have been cursed during their past life(lives) and this can bring heavy sorrow, suffering and depression.
In present life, they are overpowered by enemies and can also suffer from either a disease or physical defect.
Usually, their imprisonment happens due to bad company they chose. People who get involved in drug trafficking, mafia, robbery, alcoholism, adultery along with their friends, tend to get caught and end up in jail.

Vir Bandhana Yoga : This is caused by Mars (Kuja or Mangal) and is a result of fighting in war, being captured by enemies etc.
People who get involved in civil wars, street fights, terrorism, naxalism, mob fights against police tend to get arrested and thrown in jail.
Also those who face arrest for crimes like murder, rape, non payment of loans or taxes, white collar offenses, cyber crime, cheating, real estate issues etc. are due to Mars.
They try to putup a brave face while going against law but are ultimately captured.

Naga Bandhana Yoga : This is caused by Rahu and is a result of offending someone in public or online, promoting reiligious hatred or racism, mafia, drugs, bombing cities, illegal mining, possessing huge amounts of unaccounted cash etc.
Usually they start with a low life and grow to a powerful position by opposing law but end up either in jail or hiding underground.
Dawood Ibrahim is one such example, who can never have a public life in future.
This is a result of black magick, witchcraft performed by them on others during their past lives and in this life it boomeranged on them.

Ahi Bandhana Yoga : This is caused by Ketu and is a result of unimaginable strange crimes.
They are usually victims of their own greed and misdeeds. Ketu is head-less, which indicates natives getting involved in brainless activities to get caught.
Reasons can be silly but crime will be severe.

Bandhana Yoga or Imprisonment in K.P (Krishnamurti Paddhati)

  • If sublord of 1st house signifies 12th house, there is danger of imprisonment. Native prefers isolation, visits unfrequented places, will be interested in occult, face hindrances.
    They can be victim of cheating, swindling, treachery or conspiracy.
  • If sublord of 2nd house signifies 12th house, native can work either in an sanitorium, circus, asylum, hospital or jail unwillingly.
    Their mind and body will feel imprisoned.
  • If sublord of 4th house signifies 12th house, native is a victim of fraud of cheating, frequently hospitalized, can face house arrest, poisoned, jailed.
  • If sublord of 6th house in 2nd or 4th house and afflicted by Saturn, there will be danger of food poisoning.
    If sublord of 6th house in 1st house and afflicted by Mars, same result can be seen.
  • If sublord of 7th house signifies 12th house, native will be let down by their own people. Enemies will gain powerful and frame native into a conspiracy.
    If 7th sublord is afflicted by malefic planets, native will be arrested for sexual crimes.
  • If sublord of 8th house signifies 12th house, native loses litigations, will be under constant pressure and mental agony.
    If 8th cusp sublord Rahu is in 12th house, native can die in prison.
  • If sublord of 9th house signifies 8th house, native can face trouble while travelling to foreign countries. Can be detained or arrested in other countries.
  • If sublord of 10th house signifies 12th house, native can earn by smuggling or possess hug amounts of unaccounted money. This can lead to legal complications if the planet is afflicted by Nodes (Rahu or Ketu).
  • If sublord of 11th house signifies 12th house, friends can cheat and frame the native. Can chose to be in solitude or surrender themselves to police.
  • If sublord of 12th house signifies 7th house, native’s secret activies will be exposed and partner can drag them to court.
    All court cases and disputes will be settled in opponent’s favor.
    If sublord of 12th house signifies 12th house itself, native choses to remain isolated from society.