Development and safety of Embryo in Womb for 9 months

In the human race a child is born approximately (nearly) after 280 days of conception. In fact, this calculation is related to the mensuration cycle. Generally, a women gets mensuration after 28 days, this is called (known as) monthly mensuration cycle (periods). A child is born after completion of 10 cycles of 28 days each, i.e. 280 days. In the present analysis, discussion has been done with regard these very 10 months

During the first month from conception the mixture of the semen and ova remains in liquid form hence Venus is called the master of this month. This process takes place thru intercourse for the purpose of the birth of a life. Planet Venus is the doer of (for) the combination of the ova and the Semen. embryo growth astrologyDuring this one month a pregnant woman should worship planet Venus. Special care should be taken during this period if the planet Venus is combust, retrograde or infested in the woman’s horoscope. For the purpose of worshipping Venus, the Mantra ‘Om Su Sukray Namah’ should be (read out) recited. Problem can come (arise) if planet Venus is bad position in transit during this one month.

In the second month the liquid condition changes into a solid one hence the master of this month is the plant Mars. This planet (Mars) is regarded as the son of planet Earth, (and) is one (a planet) with (of) the earth element and Mars only is the cause (doer) of the conversion of the liquid bubble in the womb into the mortal form. When the liquid matter solidifies, flesh is produced in the womb. Mars is the doer (cause) of (time) flesh, solid state etc. During this month this mixture in the liquid state begins to take the shape of a mortal in which stiffness is imbibed. A problem can arise if the planet Mars is in bad position in transit the woman’s horoscope becomes retrograde bad position in transit, combust, affected. The worship of Planet Mars during this month proves to be beneficial. For the purpose of worshipping Planet Mars a pregnant woman should chant the following Mantra, i.e. ‘Om Bho Bhomay Namah’.

In the third month, hands and legs etc. begin to protrude (shoot out). The sex of the embryo is also determined during this month. The master of this month is planet. Jupiter infusion of life in that mortal embryo begins now. Blessing one with (a) life is the of Jupiter, hence the saying Jeevo Jeev Pradata. Jupiter is the significant of prosperity significance / growth and is called life giver. According to modern perceptions (thinking), development of body organs and activity in the womb foetus begins (starts) only in the third month. The worship of lord Jupiter during the third month is beneficial. If Jupiter is in Bad Position in the horoscope of the woman then special precautions should be taken during this month and if Jupiter is retrograde, combust or in Bad position in transit in any other way (form) then problems can arise. One should chant the mantra ‘Om Brah Brahspatay Namah’ in order to please Jupiter.

During the fourth month of the pregnancy bone formation starts in the body. Bones are the symbols of strength a born points towards sturdiness (strength). Strength and sturdiness full under the ambit of the Sun God. Sun God, the master of this month is the doer of the bones. Problems arise in this month if the Sun is in bad position in the horoscope of the lady. If during this month the Sun is bad position in transit (either from Rahu or Ketu) that is an eclipse occurs on the sun then problems can arise for the foetus. During this period the lady should worship the Sun God. She should chant the Mantra of the Sun God, i.e. ‘Om Gharri Suryai Namah.’

In the fifth month, blood begins to form in the foetus nestled in the womb. Blood is a liquid form, moon is the significant of all matters in the liquid form and happens to be the master of the fifth month. The Moon is also the (doer) of the mind, emotions are also attributed to the Moon. Circulation of blood comes under the ambit of the Moon. Blood, Venus, Slum etc. are formed in this month. If the moon is in the Bad position, in debilitate sign or is combust then problems arise. During this month, if bad position, the moon is in the Bad position in through from eclipse etc then problems await the foetus. If the lady worships the Moon in the fifth month then it proves beneficial For the purpose of worshipping the Moon the Mantra ‘Om So Somai Namah’ should be chanted.

During the sixth month, nails and superficial hair develop (come out/emerge) in the child. The master of this month is lord Saturn. Nails, (***) superficial hair, hair etc. Are subjects attributed to lord Saturn, Nails and hair are inert, they do not have any life in them (they are lifeless). The proper development of these superficial organs the child. If Saturn is retrograde, in debilitate sign or is in Bad position after being combust then the child in the womb can have problems. Worship of lord Saturn during this month (period) (can prove) proves to be extremely beneficial. If Saturn is in Bad position combust or retrograde even when it is in transit then there are possibilities of problems arising (coming up) at such a time the lady should chant lord Saturn’s Mantra ‘Om Sa Sanachrai Namah’.

In the seventh month, intelligence enter the foetus, awareness comes in this month and feelings of comfort and pain are also experienced (felt). Mercury is the master of this month and is also considered the doer of intelligence and wisdom. It enables the entry of intelligence and wisdom. It enables the entry of intelligence and arouses awareness. This inert being becomes active (full of life) on infusion of intelligence and wisdom. If Mercury is (infested) in the woman’s horoscope then problems are possible in this month. Entry of values in the foetus takes place in this month. However, of Mercury is afflicted (because of transition) during the month then the values in the child are definitely (surely) affected. For preventing these problems, the worship of lord Mercury is done by chanting the mantra ‘Om Bu Budhai Namah’ all through the month.

Swami lagnesh, himself, has been regarded as master of the eight month. Here two meanings have been given for Lagnesh. Firstly, the Janm Lagnesh of a pregnant woman (an expectant mother) and secondly aadhan lagnesh the master of the aadhankatin lagna. The auspiciousness of this month is decided by the position of janma lagnesh in the absence of (knowledge) information regarding the aadhan Lagna. If a woman delivers during this month then a lot of problems are caused to the child. Hence, a pregnant woman extremely needs to take complete rest during this month and the worship of lagnesh (or aadhan lagnesh, if known) proves to be beneficial from the point of view of the safety of the mother to be. That is why the holding of Seemantoonyan Sanskar has been recommended in the Indian religious texts, so that the foetus remains safe (secure).

Moon is the master of the 9th month and Sun is the master of the 10th a pregnant woman remains healthy in the months pertaining to those planets which are in a favourable position in the aadhan Lagna or in the horoscope of the woman, but there is a possibility of problems arising in the months in which the planets related to the particular month are either afflicted, in debilitate or rival (adverse) birth sign or are in Bad position moreover rituals like Pushban Sanskar in the 4th month and Seemantoonayan Sanskar in the 6th or the 8th month which have been recommended in various religious scriptures with a view to ensure the safety of the baby foetus should be duly observed. Any woman who has become pregnant for the first time should observe the above mentioned rituals. In the event of the lady (women) getting pregnant for the second time or more, then the worship of only those planets is considered auspicious which have been proclaimed to be (regarded as) masters of (beneficial) the pregnancy period.