Trikonasana (triangle pose) benefits

Trikonasana (triangle pose) augments the movement of the Half Spinal Twist and gives an excellent lateral stretch to the spine, toning the spinal nerves and helping the proper functioning of the digestive system.
The body becomes lighter and other asanas are improved. When performing the Triangle, take care that both your knees are straight and that your hips are facing squarely forward, rather than twisted.
Bend first to the right, then repeat, bending to the left as shown below.
Aim for perfect balance in these basic poses, and you will gain the control and concentration necessary to more advanced variations.
Trikonasana triangle poseInstructions for Trikonasana :
1. Straighten your front leg (the right leg in this case).

2. Begin the reach the right arm forward, drawing the right thigh upwards and tucking the hip at you come forward.

3. Drop the right hand down onto your shin or ankle, or if you are more open, onto the floor inside or outside the right foot. Do whichever one feels most comfortable.

4. The left shoulder stacks on top of the right one as you open the chest reaching the left fingertips upwards while keeping the left shoulder rooted in the socket.

5. Take your gaze up toward the left fingertips.

6. Draw the right thigh muscle upwards, deepening the right hip crease.

7. Microbend the right knee.

8. Stack the left hip on top of the left.

9. Repeat on the left side.

Beginners: Bring the right hand higher up on your leg or use a block on the floor to rest your hand on. It is more important to keep the right leg straight than to bring the right hand to the floor. Do not rest the hand directly on the knee, though, as this creates too much pressure on the knee.

Advanced: Line up the right heel with the arch of the left foot. For a variation, try dropping the left arm over the left ear so it comes parallel to the floor, while keeping the shoulder rooting into the socket.

Also known as the triangle post, this posture developes strength and flexibility through the legs, spine and chest.

Practice Note: Practice this pose with your with your shoulders and buttocks against the wall and your hand on a block to help keep the shoulders, hips and feet in alighment. This also provides a less strenuous way of practicing.

Medical Benefits: Along with a sequence of standing poses Uttitha Trikonasana strengthens the back. It can help those with: displaced spinal discs, arthritis of the lower back and dorsal region, stiff shoulders, and sciatica. It can also correct a hunched back and if practiced regularly, will banish backache forever.
Trikonasana also works on the legs. It improves deformed or weak legs, tight hamstrings, knee and ankle problems and flat feet.
Tackled with confidence it also helps acidity, bronchitis, constipation, indigestion, and kidney problems.