To find arrival of a person through K.P

arrival of person astrologyTake a Horary number yourself or ask some to give, within 249 (Krishnamurthi Paddhati), and prepare a Horary chart for the latitude and longitude, and also note down the Ruling planets for the time immediately after finishing the Horary chart.
Make a table of significators and keep it ready for your reference.

The subject is when will the event take place of once arrival. Whether one will arrive earlier or later or whether one not at all comes. This is indicated by the cusp sub lord and by the Ruling Planets, which one should remember.

If the cusp sub lord and the ruling planets simultaneously signify the houses, which we taken for consideration, the matter will be imminent, If any of the significators is not favourable, the matter in question will be delayed or may also fail to fructify.

The 7th house indicates the person in question mostly. If the 7th cusp sub lord’s star lord signifies any one of the 3rd or 5th or 9th along with 7th or the 11th houses, one will arrive earlier. If that star signifies 7th 5th and 11th, one will come latter. But it should signify the 3rd and the 9th without fail.

If the 7th cusp sub lord’s star lord signifies the houses 4th, 8th, 10th, or 12th, the expected person changes his mind and stay back. He will not come.

Why we have to consider the houses 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and the 11th. The reason is that the 3rd house indicates travel and short travel. The 9th house indicates the long travel. The 5th house denotes the other persons desire to move. The 11th house shows our desire fulfillment by receiving the needed person. The 7th house indicates opponent or the person expected by us. We or I is indicated by the lagna of the horary chart.

Therefore, we can confirm the arrival of a person, by taking the sub lord’s star lord of the 7th cusp, and any of the strong R.P. signifies the houses 3rd or 5th or 9th and 11th, the matter in query is imminent.

If any planet in the significators list is in retrogression and if its star lord is in direct motion, the matter will come through if a significator is in retrograde and if its star lord is also in retrogression, the matter will not materialize.

One should call the R.P. and take the day lord in the R.P. and find out whether the day lord is in direct or in retrograde motion, to confirm the event matter to take place early or later. Next the student in K.P., should take the following days of which is a strong significator as per the HORARY chart significator, in relevance to the query. By this process we can confirm the arrival day of the person most correctly.