Ayurvedic cure for Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by excess sugar in blood which could not be utilized or burned down into some physical workout.
Irregular or junk food, more carbohydrates and fat but less protein and vitamins in food can also lead to diabetes.
Frequent consumption of liquor can also weaken the liver and pancreases, and production of natural insulin will be reduced.
With less insulin, sugar from carbohydrates in food remain in blood which causes high blood sugar level (diabetes)

Causes of Diabetes:
* Eating frequently, worrying incessantly, leading a lethargic life are the prime reasons for inviting Diabetes. Not treating the ups and downs of life equally. Not having satisfaction with what you have are also some of the reasons.
* Eating more carbohydrates (polished wheat and white rice) frequently and not working out enough to burn the extra sugar in blood.
* Being a couch potato or sleeping immediately after breakfast or lunch during daytime.
* Sleeping or relaxing immediately after a heavy dinner.
* During the attack of diabetes, Pancreas gets weakened and will not produce sufficient insulin.
* Always feel that ‘I am the creator, I am the doer and and I am the object of my activities and that I can drive away any disease of mine’. Body should be cleansed. Fire element should be activate in our Manipuraka chakra.

Ayurvedic cure for diabetes

Symptoms before attack of Diabetes:
i) Burning sensation in hands and feet.
ii) Depression (protruding inside) of face, jaws.
iii) Frequent accumulation of floss, a paste like substance on the teeth.
iv) Shooting pains in legs and calves.
v) Feeling sweetness in mouth.
vi) Gathering of ants around the stagnated urine passed in the night.

Ayurvedic Cure for Diabetes with Natural Diet

Recipe No.1:
Dry Amla(Indian Gooseberry) : 1 palm full (after removing seeds)
Soak Amla pieces along with 2 or 3 tulasi leaves in one glass of water overnight.
Drink the water early in the morning daily.
Good relief for Eye problems, Urinary problems, skin problems, Diabetes.

Recipe No.2:
Apply paste of soaked goose berry (soaked overnight) to entire body. Wait for half an hour and take bath.
Benefits :
Skin will glow with brightness, stamina improves, energy improves, Diabetes will be eliminated.

Recipe No.3:
Prepare syrup out of 1 kg Amla juice and 1 kg candy sugar powder. Stir it on SIM flame till honey like syrups is obtained. Store in bottle.
For small children (4 to 6 years) : ½ spoon
For children above 6 years: 2 spoons.
Mix in one cup of cold water (stored in a pot) and drink once in the morning and evening.
Eye sight improves, hair will blacken, cheeks will grow, stains/spots will vanish, heart will be strengthened, urinary problems will be eliminated, diseases of liver, spleen and heart will be prevented.

Recipe No.4:
Coffee for Diabetics:
Seeds of neredu fruits: 100 gms (powder)
Flower of Eka duha : 100 gms
Sugandhi roots : 100 gm (Pound and make powder)
Mix all constituents add one or two spoons jaggery to 2 or 3 spoons powder and prepare coffee.

Recipe No.5:
Tips for Diabetics:
i) Use old unpolished rice but not polished rice.
ii) Avoid sweets, meat and other fatty foods.
iii) Physical exercise is a must.
iv) Wear tulasimala prepared with copper wire . Asthma, heart problems, diabetes can be alleviated.
v) Be at mental peace always.
vi) Use less sugar. Use old jaggery in limited quantity.
vii) Stay away from alcohol.
viii) In case of juvenile diabetes do not force/stress children to read more or threaten them or subject them to worry.
x) Ladies should not eat chilly, masala or spicy food during the three day menstrual periods. They should take unpolished rice, moong dal, ghee, candy sugar. No problems like diabetes will arise.

Recipe No.6:
Krishna tulasi (black tulasi) leaves.
Wash, dry, make powder and store.
Add 1 spoon of this powder to whatever food is prepared.
Protection from Diabetes, Astma, TB, cough, heart problems

Recipe No.7:
Aswagandha powder : 100 gm
Yashti Madhuka powder : 100 gm
Biryani (Bay) Leaves: 100 gm
Mix all uniformly and store in a glass bottle.
1 or 2 spoons powder with a cup of warm milk two times a day.
Nervous system strengthens, peaceful mind, mental problems removed, Diabetes is controlled.

Recipe No.8:
Yoga treatment:
i) Vajraasanam for 10 to 15 minutes.
ii) Vakraasanam
iii) Bhujangasanam
iv) Uttana padasanam
v) Pavana muktasanam
vi) Dhanurasanam
vii) Sasankasanam
viii) Supta Vajrasanam
ix) Ushtrasanam
x) Anuloma viloma praanaayaam
xi) Gomukhasanam
xii) Exercise: Sit in Padmasana or sukhasana posture, place your hands on the back downwards to the stomach and lock them. Bend to left/right positions. Breathe in while bending and breathe out while coming to normal position (straight position). Bend forward and bend backwards, duly breathing in while bending and breathing out while coming to normal position. Rotate your upper portion of trunk in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Perform all these atleast 11 times each.
xiii) Self hypnosis: Perform the self hypnosis exercise while doing yoga nidra. Relax all the organs of the body part by part.
xiv) Accupressure points: Pancreas and Adrenal gland points two hundred times each three times a day

Recipe No.9:
Good turmeric powder: 250 gm
Goose berry powder : 250 gm
Mix uniformly and store in a glass bottle.
¼ to ½ spoon for children and 1 spoon for elders before food with one hour gap.
Two times a day with warm water.

Recipe No.10:
Plain gold piece : 10 gm
Silver piece : 20 to 30 gm
Copper piece : 40 to 50 gm
Iron nails (without rust) : 40 to 50 gm
Wash all with tamarind, clean and put them in a vessel containing 4 glasses of water. Boil till 2 glasses remains.
Make three parts and drink 3 times a day daily.
The minerals of the metals enter the water. Gives strength to brain. Brain power increases 100 times. Pancreas will be activated, diabetes will be controlled. Weakness will reduce within four months of daily usage. Gradually reduce the dosage of medicne in case of diabetes.