Sublord of 1st Cusp Placement and Results

1st cusp sublordIn Krishnamurthi Paddathi, Sublord of 1st cusp details placement and results

1. Longevity: – If the sub lord of the lagna (ascendant) if signifies the Bhadhaka and Marakasthanas, i.e., the 7th and 2nd houses, ones life span is short. If it signifies 1st, 5th, 9th, along with 3rd and 8th it promises long life. If the sub lord of the ascendant signifies XI and if the ascendant falls in a moveable sign, or if signifies the 9th and the ascendant falls in a fixed sign, ones life span is short
2. Sickly person: – If the sub lord of the lagna cusp is in the constellation of a planet in the 6th, one will be sickly. Whenever the significators of 1st and 6th operate, during that period one will be suffering with some illness.

3. Chastity: – If the lagna cusp sub lord is full significator to the 11th and well connected to Jupiter, she will be a chaste woman

4. If the lagna cusp sub lord is fully connected to Saturn or Mars or Venus and if the sub lords of V & XI are connected to either of the above 3 planets, one will become a debauch, and try to be an incest. (having sexual pleasure prior to legal wed lock).

5. The ascendant sub lord indicates the general condition of ones head and also his health matters. If that sub lord is in the star of a planet in the maraka and bhadhakasthanas, ones longevity is short.

6. The ascendant sub lord tells about ones physical features in terms of its connections with the sign positions and combinations with other planets. Fame and name is indicated by the lagna sub lord, if he is connected to the10th or 11th through star lord of these houses.

7. To lead a spiritual life, the sub lord of the lagna cusp being Kethu, deposited in the star of a planet in the 9th and Kethu in some manner connected to Saturn and 12th house. If the native has Venus well connected to Mars, he will be in a family life and spiritual life without becoming a sanyasi. If Kethu not being the ascendant sub lord but in the 2nd bhava and connected to XI and connected Saturn by stellar and connected to the 12th, as he is a Gnanakaraka and connection to 9th indicate philosophy and higher knowledge, and as the 12th tells us Mokshasadhana and service to others. Such Kethu will give spiritual knowledge to the native.

8. For finding a missing person, the lagna sub lord of the missing person if signifies the 2nd, 8th, and 11th, he is sure to return home, during the periods of the significators of 2nd 8th and 11th.

9. If the sub lord of ones lagna, is deposited in the constellation of the planet occupying the 1st or the11th, his health is generally good.

10. A woman can be a WITCH, only when the Ascendant sub lord is in a fiery sign, having connection with the 3 evil houses 6th, 8th, and 12th and along with Saturn, Mars and Kethu in some or other way. One should take good care in comparing the connections obtained by the ascendant sub lord, to predict such a character.

11. The lagna denotes the mental disposition and changes in the individual’s life. If the lagna sub were Kethu, who is Mokshakaraka and Gnanakaraka and situated in the star of planet in XII and connected to IX through star or his sub or in some manner, the native’s mental disposition will be poised towards Mokshasadhna. Please read the item 7th along with this 11th item.