Transit Mercury through Natal Houses

Mercury transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Mercury was placed in Aries in your personal horoscope, then Mercury transit through that sign (Aries) is called Transit Mercury through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Mercury transits Virgo, it is Transit Mercury through Natal 6th House.

Transit Mercury through Natal 1st House : Self-Expression, communication of ideas and self-confidence will be the key notes.
You are ready for response and appear more intelligent. There will be short trips related to display of intelligenctual interests.
You will be more goal conscious and more time devoted for diet, dress, hygiene.
Afllicated Mercury with nodes or sun (combust) indicates nevousness, anxiety, irrtation from environmental disturbances, useless discussions.
Time to improve work methods. Favorable aspects suggest studying, lecturing, writing.

Transit Mercury through Natal 2nd House : Inclination towards business, finance and commercial affairs. This is good transit for setting up new business negotiations, planning etc.
Time to jugde your value materially, intellectually, spiritually and improves. You will undergo training in areas of interest.
If Mercury is afflicted, better avoid transactions. Judgement will be unclear and there can misleads or traps.

Transit Mercury through Natal 3rd House : Need for communication, intellectual activity are highlighted.
Lecturing, writing, communication, short trips are intensified now. You will interact with siblings, neighbours, and have frequent group discussions. You will have a lot of ideas and will remain indecisive conclude on any matter.
It is better together maximum information now and leave the decisons for better time. Afflicted Mercury indicates weird Communications and inability to understand others views.

Transit Mercury through Natal 4th House : Intellectual activities at home, concern for family members and intellectual advancement part of this transit. This is the time to discuss with family what you have gathered during above transit. You will be concerned about health, diet and hygiene of the family. Close contact and other intellectuals frequently visit your place. Afflicted Mercury causes emotional problems.

Transit Mercury through Natal 5th House : You will be interested in Child Psychology, artistic Pursuit, sex and games of skill. You will be able to express effectively an issue in your mind but not listen to others. They can be romantic Encounters with neighbours. You may invest in stock market.
Afflictions to Mercury indicate obstacles in study work and bad health.

Transit Mercury through Natal 6th House : You will be concerned about health, hygiene and work. You will improve your job status by learning new work skills. Communication with colleagues and employees will be good. Sometimes you can be over critical of others and do not care for others needs, which causes opposition from others. Time to make short Journeys to improve your health.
Afflicted Mercury will create concern over current health of neighbours, friends, siblings.
Useless conversations will cost you your work.

Transit Mercury through Natal 7th House : Communication will be more clear with partners, spouse, and public in general. This transit is conducive for advertising, public relation activities, negotiations, bargaining and legal contracts. You will be concerned about health,diet, dress and intellectual activities of your partner.
Afflicted Mercury indicates difficulties in communication with partner.

Transit Mercury through Natal 8th House : Communications regarding alimony, insurances, properties related to the Dead, taxes and joint finances are discussed during this transit. Intuitive insight into business, scientific, mystical and political affairs.
If mercury is linked to outer planets, it causes interest in life after death like phenomenas. There will be scientific curiosity about sex.
Afflicted Mercury will cause danger due to secret investigations.

Transit Mercury through Natal 9th House : Intellectual interest in law, religion, philosophy, foreign culture, history will be highlighted during this transit. You may develop prophetic vision of future. Higher education, long distance travelling, communications with people of different races and countries or possible.

Transit Mercury through Natal 10th House : You will be full of practical ideas and communicate very well with persons in authority or related to government. Good aspects on Mercury indicate right time for signing business deals and taking big decisions. Favourable time for political favours and to get specialised training.
Afflicted Mercury indicates loss of reputation, unfavourable publicity and this agreement with authorities.

Transit Mercury through Natal 11th House : Increased communication with friends, groups and Organisation or possible. This is time to introspect your ideas goals and standing. This is better transit for inventors and technological in innovators.
Afflicted Mercury indicate eccentricity.

Transit Mercury through Natal 12th House : Secret investigations and Communications, subconscious insights, intuitive perceptions are highlighted. Good time for people who are artists and creative. Possible Association with hospitals, asylums, charitable institutions, secret schemes.
Afflicted Mercury can lead to daydreaming, mental distortions and escapism.

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