Alopecia Areata Natural Treatment and Cure

alopecia areataBaldness in men and women is caused by various reasons like excess heat in body mixed with phlegm, pollution, chemical based shampoos and hair colors, stress and strain, diseases like typhoid, metabolic changes in body during pregnancy, hereditary reasons etc.

During old days, baldness was mostly limited to men but recently it is becoming common in women too.
Hairloss starts usually with hairline on forehead reciding backwards but sometimes it can start with a patch at center of skull or at top.
These patches are due to Alopecia Areata, which is caused by bacteria and fungus at those areas destroying roots of hair.

It usually happen in center of head and for few in any area of head and even on moustache and beard also. Excess heat in body caused by consuming heavy meat, excess spices, alcohol etc will reach to head through blood and destroy hair roots.
Immediately blood along with phlegm(kapha) over there will close the pores, disabling any option for hair to regrow.
This continues to spread if there are bacteria and fungus on the skin and make Alopecia Totalis, which makes entire hair on that area fall off and it will never grow back.
Alopecia Totalis is almost impossible to cure and the only way is surgical transplantation of hair if any hair is left on donor parts.alopecia totalis
Special Oil for curing Alopecia Areata

Take Triphala Churnam (300 gm), Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) leaves juice (300 gm), Black Sesame seeds oil (300gm) and mix them up.
Boil this mixture till all the water in juice is evaporated and only sesame seeds oil mixed with other products is left.
This looks in dark green color.
Now filter it after its cools down and store it in a bottle in a dark place.
Apply this oil , every night in the area effected by alopecia areata and leave it overnight.
In the morning wash off with Shikakai or Reetha powder only. Don’t use chemical based shampoos.
Following this method for 10 days and you will see hair growth restarting on that bald patch.
Duration depends on age and health factors.

Tomato leaves and juice

Applying juice of tomato leaves on patch area daily with some force and consuming tomoato leaves juice (3 tea spoons) daily will help hair regrowth on bald patches.

Tobacco Technique to avoid baldness and regrow lost hair

Get good quality tobacco and make a powder of it.
Add coconut oil to it till tobacco powder is totally wet with oil.
Close the lid of container tightly and let the tobacco powder sink in for 2 days.
After 2 days, squeeze the tobacco well into the oil and then filter it.
Use this oil daily at nights as described above for Tripahala Churnam + Bhringaraj combination and this will erase all bacteria, fungus, dandruff etc on skin causing baldness.
These are good proven techniques used as Alopecia Areata Natural Treatment.