Regrow Hair in Bald Spots & Thick EyeBrows with Maiden Hair (Mayura Sikha)

mayura sikha maiden hairAdiantum melanocanlum or Mayura Sikhi plant is used in Ayurveda to regrow hair in bald spots caused by Alopecia Areata.
It is also used in curing Swellings, Boils, Cold with Headache, Dandruff, Lice bite on scalp, Heart Pain and Asthma.
There are multiple species like Adiantum Capillus Veneris which look similar, but Adiantum melanocanlum or Mayura Sikhi has leaves similar to Peacock tail coverts.
[Mayura = Peacock, Sikhi = Covert].
It is known by different names in various languages :
Telugu – Mayura Sikhi
English – Maiden Hair
Hindi – Morshikha, Hamsa Pagi, Kalijhoomp
Sanskrit – Mayura Sikha, Hamsapadi, Kakapadi
Scientific Name – Adiantum Melanocanlum

In less than 2% of cases, Alopecia Areata condition spreads to the entire scalp (Alopecia Totalis) or to the entire epidermis (Alopecia Universalis).
Most commonly it occurs as round patches around crown area on scalp.

Usage of Adiantum Melanocanlum or Maiden Hair (Mayura Sikhi) for Hair Growth

The entire plant is collected and crushed with water to form a smooth paste.
This paste can be taken in a cotton cloth and rubbed on bald patches where hair was lost with some force until its juice gets absorbed by the scalp.
Let the juice sink in and wash the scalp after atleast one hour.
Repeat this process in morning and evening for atleast 3 to 4 weeks to see considerable results.

Entire Adiantum melanocanlum plant can be cut into small pieces and burnt into ashes in a fry pan.
This ash can be mixed in black sesame seeds oil or coconut oil and stored in a bottle.
Apply required quantity of this oil (luke warm) every morning to scalp and hair growth will be rapid.

Mixing this ash with vinegar and applying this mixture on scalp with Alopecia Totalis, by dipping a cotton cloth in it can help to regrow hair on bald spots within few weeks.

Regrow Eyebrows naturally with Mayura Sikha leaves

Collect fresh juice extracted from leaves of Mayura Sikhi plant and dip a cotton cloth or cotton swab in it.
This can be rubbed on eyebrows which experienced hairfall and within few days it helps to regrow them naturally.

Indian Peafowl Covert (Mayura Sikha)