Ayurvedic methods to cure Liver problems

Liver problems arise due to weak liver, differences in blood, daily life style, polluted water and polluted food. Symptoms are lacking appetite, swelling of body, unable to lift even light weights, getting tired easily, Yellowishness in eyes, Yellowishness in urine etc.Liver problems natural cure

Recipe No.1:
Yoga and Praanaayam:
i) Pavana Muktasanam
ii) Matsyasanam
iii) Vipareeta Karani

Recipe No.2:
Dry tamarind flower and store in a pot. Close with a cloth. Can be used in curries, chutney powders, rasam etc. Good for liver problems.

Recipe No.3:
Prepare curry with Trianthema decandra (tella galijeru in telugu) along with roots and stem. Very good for Liver.

Recipe No.4:
Take Trianthema decandra , Amla and Bhringraj(Eclipta Alba) along with roots. Dry them in shade after washing and prepare powder.
Take 1/4 to 1/2 spoon with one cup of water two times a day, one hour before food. 3 to 4 pinches powder can be used in preparation of curries/sambar.

All liver problems will be prevented and eliminated if already present.

Recipe No.5:
Soak 50 gm chana(light brown beans) and prepare paste. Add 3 to 4 pinches Rock Salt (Saindhavalavanam). Eat them slowly early in the morning. Cow’s ghee can be added. Do this for 15 days and liver will strengthen.

Recipe No.6:
Uttareni leaves powder :50 gm
Uttareni roots powder : 50 gm
Candy sugar powder : 100 gm
Mix all the powders, sieve and store. Take 3 pinches powder along with water early in the morning. Do not take food till one hour.
All waste matter and gases accumulated in liver, kidneys, genital organs, intestines and head are thrown out. Makes body healthy. To be used for one year regularly.

Recipe No.7:
For all types of Jaundice:
Add 15 gm Adatoda Vasika leaves juice to 20 gm honey and take three times a day. Any type of Jaundice is cured within ten days.

Recipe No.8:
Liver tonic:
Rose petals (dried in shade) : 60 gm
Candy sugar powder : 200 gm
Place rose petals in 2 lts of water and boil on SIM flame till 1 lt. kashayam(syrup) remains. Add candy sugar and once again boil till tender syrup is obtained. This is liver tonic.
Take one spoon tonic with one cup water three times a day.
Excess heat and thirstiness will be eliminated and liver becomes strong and healthy.

Recipe No.9:
Children’s Liver problems:
Add 10 tulasi leaves to one cup water and boil till half cup remains. Sieve and drink in warm condition. Liver becomes healthy. Avoid foods causing excess heat and non-vegetarian foods.

Recipe No.10:
Liver swelling:
Extract paste of Trianthema decandra leaf juice . Add this paste to cow’s urine, warm it and apply it on liver area. Swelling of liver is eliminated.

Recipe No.11:
Soak 10 gm black babool fruits in half glass water, crush with palms and sieve. Add 1 sp. candy sugar powder and drink. Jaundice is eliminated.

Recipe No.12:
Take 30 gm juice from Gentleman’s toes leaves with 50 gm curd. Take it early in the morning for one week. Avoid chilly, salt, sour food items as dietary precautions. Jaundice will come under control within 7 days.

Recipe No.13:
Take Amla powder, jeera and small elaichi powders in equal quantities. (Fry and make powders of Jeera and elaichi). Mix the powders and store.
Take 2 to 3 gm powder with water two times a day and drink one cup cow’s milk after adding sugar. Jaundice is eliminated within 4 days.

Recipe No.14:
Take one spoon to 3 spoons of Marigold leaves juice two times a day. Avoid chilli, salt and sour. Jaundice will be eliminated.

Recipe No.15:
Drink 1/4 cup raddish leaves juice with 1 sp. sugar. Free motion occurs and Jaundice comes under control.
Put 3 drops of raddish leaves juice in both nostrils. Yellow colour of eyes is eliminated and Jaundice subsides.

Recipe No.16:
Mix Saraswati leaves powder, Amla powder and home made turmeric powder in equal quantities. Take 3 gms powder with 1 spoon honey and one cup cow’s milk two times a day. Do not take foods containing chilly, salt and sour. Jaundice will be eliminated within one week.