Ayurvedic remedies for Tooth Pain (Toothache)

Toothache ayurvedic natural remediesRecipe No.1:
If you have pain in the right teeth, pour 4 or 5 drops of uttareni (Achyranthes aspera/prickly flower) leaves juice in left ear (or vice versa). Open your mouth and worms from paining tooth will come out along with saliva.

Recipe No.2:
Extract juice out of good quality Hing (Ingua) by rubbuing with lemon juice and warm it lightly. Apply the juice with cotton to the paining tooth. Pain will subside immediately.

Recipe No.3:
Gargle with salt water teeth pain subsides.

Recipe No.4:
Apply clove oil with cotton bud on the paining tooth. Pain will subside immediately.

Recipe No.5:
Dip cotton bud in onion juice and place it on the paining tooth.

Recipe No.6:
Placed the crushed part of drumstick tree root on the ailing tooth. Pain will subside.

Recipe No.7:
Use tooth powder made out of salt, coal, camphor, chalk. Teeth pain subsides.

Recipe No.8:
Take sonthi (dried ginger powder) , pippali (long pepper), pepper, jaapatri(Mace), saindhava lavanam(rock salt) in equal proportion. Add little powder to honey or any oil and brush the teeth. Tooth pain subsides.

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