Ayurvedic remedies to cure No Beard Hair on Cheeks and Moustache

beard moustache hair growth recipes remediesIrregular hair growth or no hair at places like moustache, beard and chest is seen in many men and this problem arises due to improper blood circulation and improper functioning of Liver and Pancreas.

Ayurveda suggests few home made recipes and yoga asanas to cure this issue among men.

Recipe/Method No.1:
i) Sarvangasana
ii) Matsyasana
iii) Shupta Vajrasana
iv) Chakrasana
v) Activation of Agna and Throat chakra
Take breakfast/meals before 10 A.M. and after 8 PM in the night. Sleep before 10 PM and wake up by 4 AM.

Recipe No.2:
Kishmish (Raisin) : 32 Nos.
Anjeer (Figs) : 2 Nos.
Kharjur (Dates) :2 Nos.
Soak the above in one glass water overnight and take early in the morning.
Benefits: Blood quantity increases, circulation improves.
Tomato : 2Nos
Carrot : 1 No.
Beet root : half
Make juice of above and add candy sugar.
Blood quantity increases and wanted hair grows.

Recipe No.3:
Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) leaves : 100gms
Amla : 100 gms
Black Sesame seeds :100 gms
Yashti Madhuka powder(avaliable in ayurvedic stores) : 100 gms
USAGE : Add 1600 gm water and prepare syrup till 400 gms remains. Filter it and add 400 gms sesame/gingelly oil and boil it on SIM till the oil remains.
Apply oil one hour before bath or before sleep to the parts where hair needs to grow (moustache, beard).
Can apply for head also, but is more effective for quicker growth of facial hair.

Any one method from above 2 & 3 will work. Pick one based on availablity of materials and along with it, do the yoga asanas described in method 1 for solving the problem among men of no beard hair on cheeks and moustache.