Brown Rice better than White Rice

brown riceWe are brought up with a belief that everything that is white is good.
Be it skin color or anything else.
Rice we use has also suffered through this belief and is being polished a lot to get whitest of the white color.
This polished white rice is being sold at much higher prices than unpolished semi-red color rice.

But the fact is that unpolished rice , which is semi-red/brown in color has necessary Vitamins(Bs), Minerals, Fibre, Riboflavin, Iron which help our body grow stronger.
Completely polished white rice is nothing but a carbohydrate leftover which can cause only unnecessary diseases like excess fat, diabetes, arthiritis, weak bones, weak eyesight etc.
Our ancestors who ate unpolished rice never even knew about such diseases.white rice
Did we ever hear that our great grand father had diabetes or knee pain ?
Then why do we suffer by consuming White Poison ?

Unpolished Rice has very less Amylopectin Starch. This helps in controlling Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obessity etc diseases.

Every rice grain has Phytic Acid & Polyphenols which cause obstacles for digestion process.
So, to reduce their effect we need to cook unpolished rice in this manner :

1. Every half kilo of unpolished rice should used with double the amount of water and to be mixed with 1/2 spoon dry yeast.

2. Boil it for 2 minutes while stirring it.

3. It should be left boiling till water almost evaporates.

4. Wait for 10 minutes after switching off the stove and then remove the water layer above the rice.

5. Now unpolished rice is ready to be served.

** If you can’t find unpolished rice in our area, atlease try for medium polished rice till you find the original one, but make sure that you never use white rice/poison again !

NOTE : If you consume more wheat than rice, then pick only unpolished wheat to make its flour.

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