Predictions for birth number 1 and fadic number 7

numerology destiny number 7How to find your fadic number : if you are born on 16th june 1983, 1+6+6+1+9+8+3 = 34
3+4 = 7

so your fadic number is 7.

Method to calculate birth number and fadic number :
If you are born on dates 1,10,19,28 of any month, then your birth number is 1.
The single number remaining after adding up numbers in date, is taken.

So, if both your birth number is 1 and fadic number is 7, then you are completely under the influence of SUN and KETU.

Characteristics :They are tall and have a charming personality. Even when they wear simple clothes, they will look clean. These people possess good knowledge and power of thinking and they will be creative writers of fiction and poetry.
If they have suitable names, their life will be prosperous in all respects. Otherwise, they will meet with failures and risks, and finally have nothing left except bitter experience. They talk during their sleep. Though they appear rude they have much sympathy and compassion. They take interest in religious matters and have faith in God.

Just a look at them gives the impression that they may get easily provoked but that they are fundamentally noble. They expect others also to be like them. Therefore, it is difficult to become their close friends. Though they move among a lot of people, they are unable to get even a few genuine friends. They declare that nobody can be trusted in this world. Sometimes they talk freely, but suddenly they become reserved and dumb. When the grief is overwhelming, they cannot hold back their tears.
They do not become a victim of flattery. If the other person starts flattering, they decide to become cautious. They love truth and hate pretence. Therefore they will have constant misunderstanding with others. Many of them will be in government service and they will be honest in their jobs. They will be praised as philosophers by others. In view of their abundant faith in religion, they will follow all religious principles as guideposts to life. When in a happy mood, they freely mix with others. But while alone, they will ponder over the significance of life. Some may regret that their domestic life is not congenial. If they have suitable names this problem does not arise. But if their life partner is of number 9, then their domestic life will become bitter.
If they get a partner of favorable number, their domestic life will be a lark. When a happy domestic life is not assured, they suffer agonies and start contemplating about other worldly matters. If they do not have suitable names, they will suffer from mental trouble and frustration. They will become upset. But they will conceal the troubles and their symptoms.
People of this number who have suitable names will occupy high positions. They also shine as research scholars, business tycoons and leaders. Only those with unsuitable names are affected by diseases and mental troubles. They may better change their names as shown below. If they get married on their lucky dates, they will live happily.

Naming Method

These people have ability and administrative skill. But they must have suitable names. Or they will suffer. They may modify their names to the numbers of the Sun, viz., 19, 37, 46, 64, etc. or the numbers of Venus, viz., 15, 24, 33, 42 etc. Such a change will usher in progress.


These people will progress in life through industries connected with fire, metal, stone, minerals and gems; transport business and commission work. If the name is not good, their labor will be exploited by others. In such case, they must make necessary alternations in their names.


They may get mental troubles. They may become unnecessarily confused and unreasonably worried. They also face the risk of sudden accidents. Diseases due to impurity in blood (bile, anemia, swelling of hands and legs, etc) may affect them. If they adjust their names to suit their date of birth these diseases will trouble them less.


Lucky numbers : 1, 2.
Lucky dates : 1, 2, 6, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, 24, 28, 29.
Lucky colors : Yellow, Pale blue, pale green.
Lucky stones : Yellow sapphire, Golden topaz Cat’s eye
Unsuitable dates : 8, 9, 17, 18, 26 and 27
Unsuitable colors : Black and Red