Predictions for birth number 3 and fadic number 7

numerology number 7How to find your fadic number : if you are born on 16th june 1983, 1+6+6+1+9+8+3 = 34
3+4 = 7.
so your fadic or destiny number is 7.
So, if your birth number is 3 and fadic number is 7, then you are under the influence of JUPITER and KETU.


They always prefer to be alone and like solitary life. They are moderately tall. They will be like a blend of the past and the present, of tradition and modernity.
They have a charming face. They do not mix easily with others. They talk only after preparing in advance the points they wish to express.

When problems arise, they will argue a lot and succeed in their intention. They will never engage in unnecessary talk. Their principles will not be agreeable to others. Therefore others will have misunderstandings about them. It is difficult for the people of this number to have devoted friends. If they get such friends, they will be so closely attached to them like body and soul.

Life Style

They are short-tempered and they quickly become angry. Whoever commits an error; they will point out and criticize. They will not reveal their difficulties to others. They are efficient in research work, arts and education. They will always be contemplating about something or other. Some of those in jobs will not waste their rest hours. Even then they will be thinking or writing about something. They will not have cordial relationship with their colleagues. They have a research oriented mind. If they have suitable names, they are capable of inventing new things.

Suitable name

They have abundance of patriotism and religious faith. They will work sincerely for their country and religion. But ultimately they will become aloof, thinking that there is no use however sincerely they may serve these two causes. They will fearlessly oppose their enemies even if the latter are stronger. They face some confusion in domestic life. They will be benefitted if they change their name to suit their birth and the fadic Numbers.

Naming Method

It will be beneficial to them to arrange their names in numbers of Jupiter or Mercury. The Jupiter numbers are: 21, 39, etc. The Mercury numbers are: 14, 23,32,41,50, 59, 77, etc.


They have the possibility of making excellent growth through business in things in liquid form; stone, gems and minerals; medical ships and professions connected with arts. Suitable change in their name will assure progress.
Some of them are engaged in trade independently. But as they do not talk enough, they may not be able to develop their trade much. Further, they do not share their worries with others and seek a solution for them. They also do not consult others regarding the problems that arise in their business. Therefore their progress in business is not prominent. But if they alter their names as explained below their business will expand.


They may get mental disease because of restlessness of mind, paralysis diseases due to excess of heat and nerve diseases.

Numerology Tips

Lucky numbers : 2, 3
Lucky dates : 2, 3, 5, 11, 12, 14, 20, 21, 23, 29, 30
Lucky colours : Rose, Orange Violet, Light green Light blue
Lucky stones : Amethyst, Cat’s eye
Unsuitable colour : Red
Unsuitable dates : 6, 15, 24