Asanas for Balancing Hormones in Body ( by Bandhas )

bandhas or neuro muscular locksBandhas or neuro-muscular locks are like vitamins in a human diet. They control the hormonal levels in a body by applying pressure on the glands.
Balancing the hormones has an immediate effect on the skin of a person. Practise these bandhas with all your intensity to get startling results.

Those with heart problems, high blood pressure and pregnant women should avoid Exercise 1 and 2.
Those with cervical spondylosis, vertigo, high blood pressure and heart disease should avoid Exercise 3.

Exercise 1 for Balancing Hormones in Jalandhara Bandha

jalandhara bandha in yoga
* Sit with your legs stretched out and your back straight.
* Bend one leg, place the ankle on the opposite thigh, close to the groin. Bend the other leg and place that ankle on the thigh of the bent leg, close to the groin. Place your hands on your knees
* Exhale completely, pull up the genital space and close the anal space. Keep your abdominal muscles tight.
* Release the lock and inhale.
* Repeat only thrice.

Exercise 2 for Balancing Hormones in Uddiyana Bandha

uddiyana bandha in yoga

* Stand with your legs apart and slightly bent. Rest your palms on your thighs.
* Bend your back and exhale forcefully.
* Suck in your stomach to create a hollow space.
* Hold the position as long as you can hold your breath comfortably.
* Release the contraction and breathe
* Repeat only thrice.

Exercise 3 for Balancing Hormones in Mula Bandha

mula bandha or neuro-muscular locks

* Sit as directed in Steps 1 and 2 of Exercise 1 above
* Inhale deeply. Keeping your chest high, hold your breath and lock your chin against the chest
* Hold the position as long as you can
* Release the chin, look up and exhale
* Repeat only thrice.