Balayam yoga, natural way to regrow lost hair

Balayam Yoga or Prasanna MudraHairloss in men can be caused by male pattern baldness (hereditary), DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) hormone release, smoking, alcohol, lack of proper nutition etc.
Balayam is a natural yoga method which can cure almost all hair related issues like premature greying, hairfall, dandruff etc.

This is also known as Prasanna Mudra, but the only difference between other mudras and this one is that hand move unlike while practicing others.
Speed of recovery of lost hair depends on your age, time since hair was lost and most importantly on your diet.
Balayam is a nail rubbing exercise and it is a union of two Hindi words Bal and Vyayam where Bal means Hairs and Vyayam indicates Exercise. In simple language ‘Balayam’ means an exercise for hairs.
To be more specific, Balayam is an Acupressure therapy in which a person rubs his/her fingernails of both hands against each other to stimulate scalp’s activities.
This stimulation if done correctly, frequently and for a longer period of time is known to boost natural hair growth and cure MPB (i.e. Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia) observed in some men and women.

Balayam Yoga nails rubMethod : Rub four fingernails (except thumb) of both hands (as hard as possible) against each other.
Surface of fingernails should rub hardly against each other.
Since roots of hair follicles on scalp are connected to fingernails, this pressure creation will help in pumping required nutrition to the scalp and promote hair growth.

If you rub tip of fingernails of one hand against surface of fingernails of another hand, then it accelerates hair growth on ears.
If you rub surfaces of only both thumbnails against each other, you can notice faster growth of moustache and beard. (so women should avoid it)
If you rub nail tips of one hand with surface of other hand’s nails, hair in ears will grow.
So, it is important to rub without causing friction to nail ends and avoid thumbs.

Apart from this exercise, try to quit smoking and have control over alcohol consumption.
Also add atleast 80-100 gms of protein (soy is preferable), 30 gms of iron and enough sulphur.
Drink plenty of pure water, which can help removing toxics fromk your body.
If you are suffering from anameia, increase your iron intake.

Get cured, if you suffer from indigestion and constipation.
Because wastage stored in intestines, block blood circulation to brain and also pollute blood.

Do this atleast for 10 minutes(increase time limit if your hairfall is more) in morning, before breakfast and 10 minutes in evening, before dinner.
Along with this yoga, practice prithvi mudra for 40 minutes each day.
People having high blood pressure should avoid balayam. it may aggravate the condition.
Letting your hair get enough sunlight everyday is also important.
Balayam may not be effective in types of baldness like Alopecia areata, Alopecia totalis, Alopecia universalis etc.

Within 3-6 months, you will see noticeable change in your hairline.
After 12 months of regular practice with proper diet, your lost hair should be restored.