Comet ISON & Maha Yoga for Financial Gains, Raise of Status in 2014

Comet ISON in LIbra Vedic AstrologyComet of the century (ISON or C/2012 S1) has weakened in last week of November 2013, but its journey is not yet over.
It will pass from about 0.42 AU (63 million km) from Earth on 26 December 2013. Earth will pass close to the comet’s dust trail on 16 January 2014.

Comets usually carry karmic signals and effect our destiny on earth, whenever they pass by.
Its close proximity with Sun started on 28th November 2013 and though its nucleus has weakened, it will be visible to naked eye till end of January 2014.

Comets effect us based on the sign in which they appear.
If a comet appears in Cancer, it effects matters related to our 4th house (as Cancer is universal 4th house when counted from Aries).
This Comet ISON appears in Libra/Scorpio and it effects sexual relations, new diseases, toxics and threats to humans on earth.
Comets are said to be ‘carriers‘ of viruses from one galaxy to another and this will also leave new viruses on earth this month.

Ketu, the reason behind all viral diseases is aspected by Saturn (reason for all health issues) + Rahu (who is reason for all bacteria). When Comet ISON passes through Rahu-Saturn and reaches SUN, it influences all above three karmic planets.

It appeared when Maha Yoga of 4 planets conjunction was in Libra during november 2013.
This will boost the financial gains for those who have seen a hint of it in november.
If you have experienced sudden Financial gains during November 2013, then it will start growing more from end of december 2013.
This positive phase will continue till april 2014, during which you will experiece huge and sudden financial gains, significant changes in Career & Relationships, beginning or ending of certain Karmic Cycles.

If you have faced a tough november, then it will continue for next 5 months.
If you have faced any new health problem or suffered due to any chronic disease in between august-november 2013, then its effect will remain till end of april 2014.

In general, people born in ascendants and moon signs of Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio should exercise extreme caution in their financial transactions, travel, health, relations etc.

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