Four planets in Scorpio (November-December 2014), Dhana & Raja Yoga

Four planets in Scorpio will form a cluster between 24th November & 6th December 2014 according to Vedic Astrology.
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn in powerful, mystical and secretive sign scorpio will create sudden dhana yoga (wealth) and raja yoga (acquiring of power or position) for few signs in zodiac.
This special 4 planet combination is further fortified by the benign aspect of a very powerful Jupiter in Cancer that will fuel the results of this combination.
Sun Mercury Venus Saturn in Scorpio November-December 2014

Even in the past, some unexpected, sudden and mystical results have been observed due to aspect of exalted Jupiter on Scorpio.
While not all signs will benefit, some will definitely experience life changing or thought process changing incidents over next few weeks.
Moon will just leave scorpio on 24 November 2014 when Mercury replaces it around same time, so the four planet transit in scorpio has actually started on 21 November itself.
On 6 December 2014, Venus leaves Scorpio and this effect ends.
But minor effects will last till 16 December, while mercury and sun still transit Scorpio.
Last year, similar combinations has occured in Libra (september 2013 and october-november 2013) which brought sudden changes in many lives.
This present combination will have effects similar to october-november 2013 transit.
Moreover, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn will be passing through Saturn owned Anuradha nakshatra in a disciplined Mars owned sign Scorpio, which will open up many karmic doors and brute force their results.

Transit of Saturn, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon in Scorpio in November-December 2014 : Effects of 12 Moon Signs and Ascendants

Aries (Mesha) : Tough time ahead as almost 6 planets influence your 8th house. Burden of work, humiliations from friends and superiors, insults in family, insomnia, tiredness, stress and strain, lack of motivation, depression will be accompanied with small raise of income.
Avoid all major communications and making of promises atleast till mid december.
Elders in family will experience ill-health. Sudden death(s) within close relations possible during next few months.

Taurus (Vrishabha) : Excess pressure at work and from family, improper and untimely diet schedule, lack of proper sleep, work piling up, arguments with partner, threat of losing job, sudden expenditure will be followed by few celebrations within relations during december 2014.

Gemini (Mithuna) : Sudden growth in career, clearing of pending debts, seperation from partner (if awaiting divorce, it will be done soon), victory over enemies followed by few health hiccups.

Cancer (Karka) : Loss in speculation, dispute between lovers, differences with children, mental instability, wierd dreams, tensions in family and friends will be experienced. But this is best time to get initiated in practice of any Mantra, occult, yoga or reiki methods.

Leo (Simha) : Physical comforts, good relation with mother, acquiring of land or fixed property, buying of new vehicle or renovating/repairing old one, steady income but no satisfaction.

Virgo (Kanya) : Will act with courage, good relation with siblings, neighbours and relatives, frequent travelling, seperation from mother or arguments with her, challenging tasks accomplished, books published, top scores in exams but lack of proper rest will be experienced.

Libra (Thula) : Useless expenditures, bad health, disturbances in family, sudden gain and immediate loss of money, pain in legs, lack of physical and mental stamina, unknown fear will be seen.

Scorpio (Vrischik) : Dilemma in decision making, sudden gain of money, bliss in family relations, growth in career but extra burdens, pain in legs or knees, fatigue, spiritual inclination, philanthropy, temporary ill-health of spouse or kids will be seen.

Sagittarius (Dhanus) : Aimless wandering, identity crisis, loss of health and stamina, loss of ancentral properties, bad relations or seperations with spouse, friends and close relatives, insomnia, indigestion and lack of confidence will be experienced.

Capricorn (Makara) : Happiness through children, improved health, fruitful journeys, clearing of old debts, increase of fame, good sleep, gains from speculation, loss to enemies or opponents, victories in court cases and litigations.

Aquarius (Kumbha) : Tremendous activity & progress due to your creative skills, gains & opportunities from overseas sources, improved health, busy lifestyle, frequent socializing, gains from parents.

Pisces (Meena) : New partnership or joint venture and sudden unexpected opportunities due to this combination. More monetary gains from abroad, spiritual bliss, encouragement from mother and partner, long cherished dreams accomplished, confortable lifestyle, improved health, long distance travel proving fruitful, courageous acts.