Sun, Saturn, Mercury & Rahu in Libra (October-November 2013), Dhana & Raja Yoga

5 planets in Libra 2013Two slow moving Karmic planets, Saturn & Rahu are already transiting on same constellation (Swati) in Libra (Thula Rasi) since July 21st 2013.
Last month saw Venus conjuncting them and causing either heavy monetary gain or loss (depending on your sign) to many.

This month till november, will also witness such drastic changes but this time results could be opposite of what happened last month.
Between 17th October to 16th November 2013, a 4 planet combination of Sun, Saturn, Mercury & Dragon’s Head (Rahu) aspected by the benevolent Jupiter is coming into effect. This combination is a charged up version of Maha Yoga that has been operative due to the combination of Saturn & Dragon’s head (Rahu). This combination of 4 strong planets – namely Sun, Saturn, Mercury & Rahu should bring in access to power & gains due to the creative work you are capable of.
The presence of Sun will further help the Dragon’s Head (Rahu) suck up the energy to generate political power & rise in status for you.
This cluster of 4 planets works as a special money generating combination (Dhana Yoga) and even confers powers (Raja Yoga) for a limited period. Such combinations of Maha Yogas, though short lived, bring in concentrated energy to trigger off a powerful time for you, resulting in special effects in the coming one year.

This year has been particularly a busy one with quite a few planetary transits resulting in formation of Special Yogas.
Adding to them, Mercury will go retrograde in motion and will remain conjuct these planets till end of November.
Moon, during its monthly visit to Libra, will conjunct these planets between 2nd-4th November 2013.

Too many changes like these, apart from Saturn moving on to Visakha constellation, two major eclipses in November, will disturb the climate and political scenario in many states and countries.
Effects of this combination will not stop immediately but would be felt over the next few months since a mixture of various kinds of energy due to the four different planets will be focused in a single Zodiac sign and will energize the sign strongly but in rather mixed up manner.
Libra is a movable & earthy zodiac sign and indicates propensity to being musical, just, fair and balanced and intellectual.
Karmic planets in Libra will balance your karma in next two months and settle all pending issues.

Caution : Do not start any new ventures, if you have Shaapit-Yoga (conjunction of Saturn-Rahu or Rahu being in capricorn/aquarius or being aspected by saturn) in your birth chart.
Also, if you are born with a weak Sun (eclipsed on in venus/saturn owned houses or in conjunction with saturn), stay low in business and public life. This caution is especially for the politicians and celebrities.

People born with moon in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces should excercise some caution for next two months while making phone calls, sending emails, using internet communication, travelling, monetary transactions etc.

With Ketu in Aries aspecting this rare combination of planets in Libra, one can expect sudden stroke of luck or ill-fate (depends on houses signified by these planets in your personal horoscope) in next two months.
However, Jupiter’s aspect from Gemini on Libra will save you (if Jupiter is natural benefic in your horoscope) from crisis.