Effects of Mercury in 2012-13

Effects of mercury in 2012-13 Nandana Nama SamvatsaramDue to transit and ownership of Mercury (Budha) in Sri Nandana Nama Samvatsara (2012-13), cyber crime will increase multiple times.
Newly discovered chemical formulae and other scientific inventions will be misused or sold secretly to anti-social elements.

Few countries will develop nuclear weapons and will become a threat for their neighbouring countries.
Chemical weapons, suicide squads will increase among terrorist groups.
Technology will be misused by youth and police will have tough times in solving intelligent crimes.

Assault on women will increase and in many countries and governments will make stronger laws to punish such crimes.
Men and women will use more sexual vigor boosting medicines as many will lose their natural strength due to irregular diet habits and stressful professions.

alcoholism and usage of drugs will be on raise among youth and police will be kept busy with such cases along with accidents.

Few oils extracted from soil will have higher prices this year and also petroleum products will be more costlier than last year.

Many countries and states will lack proper leadership as politicians will be busy saving their own skin.
Many issues and petitions will remain pending in government administrative offices.
People will start looking for alternate solutions to government.

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