Effects of Saturn in 2012-13

Saturn in 2012-13 Sri Nandana Nama samvatsaraSlowest moving planet Saturn, during 2012-13 year (Sri Nandana Nama new year) will control agriculture and production of grains, cereals and fruits.
Rice and wheat will be out of stock and there will be scarcity of food grains this year.

Prices of peanuts, fenugreek, sesame seeds, oils, milk and its by-products, all types of grains, turmeric, onion, ginger and garlic will raise.
People will suffer from health issues like fatigue, indigestion, gas troubles, constipation etc.

Agriculture will be good in black soil and real estate will do good in useless lands.
Untimely rains, tsunamis, cyclones will destroy cultivated crops.

Food donated at holy places will be abundant but prices of food in restaurants will increase.

Adulteration will effect oil, seeds and production of food including dairy products.

Fuel prices will raise internationally and tense situation will prevail in middle-east countries.
Amercian economy will not improve much and same situation will prevail in european countries.

China will emerge as the biggest and strongest threat for neighbouring countries in asia.