Jupiter Combust 2022 February-March in Aquarius, Effects

Jupiter Combust 2022 happens between 19 February (10:13 hrs IST) and 20 March (08:34 hrs IST).
During this Jupiter combust 2022, it gets within 11 degrees to Sun and loses its power to deliver positive or negative effects on our planet.
Jupiter Combust 2022 in Aquarius

During this period of Guru Moudyami in Kumbha Rasi, positive effects of Jupiter (Brihaspati) will be drastically reduced and people who follow vedic astrology, do not perform any auspicious ceremonies such as buying and selling of properties, initiation of new mantra, weddings, engagements, house warming, launching of new business, new constructions etc.
During these 29 days, Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter but not combust.
Saturn combustion ends as Jupiter’s begins.
Jupiter-Mercury conjunction is good in general for financial institutions, gold market but as one goes combust after another, market will continue to be slow and multiple businesses do not pickup.
Logical thinking will reduce and decision making can get difficult. Students can get confused and suffer from loss of memory, especially in competitive exams.
Jupiter Combust 2022 in Aquarius can bring down gold price marginally, reduces positive energy on earth, sensitive human relations, helping nature among humans, philanthropy, love etc.

Jupiter in Aquarius transits through Satabhisha and Poorvabhadra nakshatras during this combustion period.
Until 02 March 2022 (00:45 IST), Brihaspati in Satabhisha is not comfortable. Later in its own constellation Poorvabhadra, Jupiter is a bit comfortable and starts giving semi positive results.
During this combustion period, people get frustrated due to economic restriction and failure to execute financial plans during February 2022.
When Jupiter remains ineffective, natural malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars takeover and give their results at the maximum level.
Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury in Saturn owned signs takes away their natural qualities to some extent.

Court decisions will not be in favor of few protesting groups. Combust Jupiter until 1st march causes too many hindrances to administration.
Terrorists backed groups try to disrupt normal life of citizens.
From 2nd March, Law Enforcement will be able to control civil unrest to some extent and more effectively from 20th march 2022.
Kala Sarpa Yoga 2022 along with 3 planets in one sign (Capricorn) contribute to riots, anti-establishment acts, political turmoils.
Along with all auspicious events, postpone major financial transactions, income tax calculations and payments (atleast until 2nd march 2022).
Durin this combustion period, Jupiter semisquare Pluto can make you push people who are standing in your way. The problem is they will probably push back.
Also Jupiter (luck) sextile Uranus (the unexpected) can give you sudden opportunities. This is good time for learning new things and solving old problems.
Venus sextile Neptune is good for relaxing and enjoying yourself. Mercury square Uranus can give you great ideas which can also be crazy.