Mercury Effects in Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23)

Mercury is the Senadhipathi (Commander-in-chief), Meghadhipathi (Clouds) and Arghyadhipati (Water) for Vedic New Year Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23).
Mercury Subhakritu nama samvatsara 2022-23

Mercury increases Indian defense budget but also army will lose few men.
Defense tactics coupled with intelligence reports yield good results.
Agriculture will be good with high food productions.
Most of the war will be fought on water and in air.
People with malefic mercury need to take precautions before flight journey.
Youth will get more addicted to alcohol and drugs.
Sexual perversions increase in all countries. More thefts and robberies possible this year.
More poor people will be able to own new houses with financial support from governments.
Army, Navy and Airforce gets new weapons.
Few corrupt government employees get caught red-handed.
Pakistan gets exposed internationally one more time.
More intellectuals gets recruited in powerful positions.

Mercury this year causes untimely rainfall, cyclones and earthquakes.
All tasty food gets adulterated. Street food and online delivered food is the major reason for loss of health.
Prices and overall cost of living increases.
All metals get costly. Gold, Silver, Copper prices fluctuate throughout the year.
Few shareholders get unimaginably wealthy in less time.
Banking, IT, pharmacy, real-estate, steel, retail shares increase in 2022-23.
Duplicate and fake products enter every industry and it is almost impossible to differentiate from original.
Corruption and favouritism are main agenda of selection in sports and cultural activities.
Petroleum products gets more pricier in 2022.

Moonsoon is almost on time. Thunderbolts, cyclones take away many human lives and properties in 2022-23.
Governments will continue to support farmers.
Common man cannot construct or buy a house as cement, sand, steel, wood etc gets expensive.
Event management also gets expensive and few people will start the trend of hosting simple parties at home.
Governments will bring in new laws and also implement them with force.