Venus Combust & Retrograde May-June 2020, Effects

Venus, the planet of love and beauty turns retrograde between 12:12 IST on 13 May – 12:15 IST on 25 June 2020 in Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi).
During this period, Venus gets within 8 degrees of Sun’s proximity and becomes combust for 10 days.
Venus Retrograde Combust 2020

This combustion (Sukra Moudyami) happens between 20:50 IST on 29 May – 01:31 IST on 09 June 2020.
When Venus gets too close to the Sun it can no longer be seen in the Heavens and thus the significations of the planet suffer.
During this time, energy of Venus will be compromised. Venus is one of the planets of Guidance (the other major benefic is Jupiter).
When we cannot see Venus we are “without guidance” and this is also called Venus Eclipse.
Venus is the planet of Value (Love and Relations). When it is invisible or retrograde, it is harder to determine the true value of anything.
Therefore the 43 days period between 13 may – 25 June 2020 is a poor time for making decisions about love, relations, money.
During this period, which is called as Sukra Moudyami , Positive effects of Venus will be drastically reduced and thus people who believe in astrology, will not perform any auspicious ceremonies during this time such as weddings, engagements, house warming, launching of new business etc.
Also avoidable are changing or joining new job, moving to a new house, change of work place, interior designing at home or office.

venus combust 2020
However, talks, paperwork for above, repair work and construction which started already can be done during this period.
Venus, who controls movies, arts will not be beneficial for many who are depended on those fields.
Lockdown effects since March have already hit the economy
This ‘Venus Eclipse‘ can be seen couple of hours after sunset in west direction. Venus appears as a small black spot on Sun.
Get ready for financial crunch, breakup in relations, loneliness, frustration.
Those born with Venus as their ruling planet (born in ascendants or moon signs of taurus or libra, with moon in nakshatras of bharani, poorva phalguni, poorvashada, born on friday) can go get frustrated easily, lose self control over petty issues, loss of income, get irritated by watching entertainment programs.

Be prepared for a roller coaster ride of your deeper emotions as Jupiter and Saturn too will be in retrograde motion during these days along with Venus.
Relationships and Money will be the central issues during these 7 weeks.
This is a time of intensity and there may be wrinkles to iron out in your closest relationships.
Combust and Retrograde Venus in Taurus can make us feel as if we are working hard for no returns.
Learn to adjust and live with bare minimum.

People born under ascendants and moon signs of Taurus (Vrishabha), Libra (Thula) should void major financial transactions, love and sexual affairs, buying of jewelry, starting of new projects during this period.
These precautions should also be taken by people who are going through Venus(sukra) vimsottari dasa, also born with Moon placed in nakshatras of Bharani, Poorva Phalguni, Poorvashada.
If Venus is a benefic in your personal horoscope (generally born in ascendants of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius) good effects will be minimised and if its a malefic for you (generally born in ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces), it will give some relief during this combust period.
1 out of every 10 people are born with Venus retrograde and during this period, their love affairs can fail.
Such people do not follow social norms, tend to perform heroic acts to achieve what they want, but also fail most of the times.
Going from one failed relationship to another, they cannot seem to find one that is satisfying.

Note : India’s ascendant is Taurus and its lord Venus being combust in lagna is not good for its citizens and economy.
There will be few hidden forces which try to destroy all the efforts done during lockdown and they can get exposed during June 2020. India can see normal days only after Venus completely moves out of Rahu effect in August-September 2020.
USA cannot control growing number of covid-19 cases until September.
Few island countries like New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Japan will be safe during last quarter of this year.

Monthly Transit Predictions for May 2020

Sunday May 3 : Venus square Neptune and Moon Square Venus : Good day for reading a romantic novel. Be careful about spending too much money on pleasurable things, food and luxury items.

Monday May 4 : Sun conjunction Mercury (combust): This day is still good for face-to-face conversation but with social distancing or video chatting !

Thursday May 7 : Mercury sextile Neptune and Rahu sextile Mercury : Excellent day for imagination. With this combination, the right answer just seems to pop into your head.

Full Moon in Libra on Thursday May 7 : The Full Moon is trine Neptune and Rahu. It is time to at least dream about getting things back together.

Saturday May 9 : Mercury trine Pluto : This day is good for finding information that is normally hidden.

Sunday May 10 : Mercury trine Jupiter : This combination is good for thinking big. Make those important calls now. People will be more likely to listen.

Monday May 11 : Mercury square Mars : What a difference a day makes! You tend to be too impulsive today. Slow down and watch what you say. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments.

Tuesday May 12 : Mercury trine Saturn : This clears your thinking and makes it more practical. Take care of routine tasks that you have been putting off.

Friday May 15 : Sun trine Pluto : Extra energy today. Take care of tough tasks that are either physically or emotionally demanding.

Saturday May 16 : Mercury sesquasquare Pluto : Watch what you say today. Your words can sting. So can the words of other people. Ignore their provications.

Sunday May 17 : Sun trine Jupiter AND Mercury sesquasquare Jupiter : The first aspect gives luck and enthusiasm. The second can make you overestimate what you can accomplish. Do not try to do too much.

Wednesday May 20 : Mercury sesquasquare Saturn AND Venus square Neptune : Take care of dull paperwork tasks that you have been putting off. Do not buy luxury goods today. You will overpay and it will not make you happy anyway.

Friday May 22 : Mercury conjunction Venus AND Sun trine Saturn AND Mercury square Neptune : Busy day! Avoid any major business communications today. Too much confusion from Mercury and Neptune. Stick to routine and watch a movie to relax.

New Moon in Taurus on Friday May 22 : In this New Moon chart, Mercury is close to Venus but is also square Neptune. Facts will not be clear. Be extra careful of con-artists and deceptive speech. Be especially careful about phony “cures” to the corona virus.

Saturday May 23 : Mercury semisquare Uranus : This can give ideas that are either brilliant or crazy. Unfortunately this aspect won’t tell you which it is. Take some time to think before you put those ideas into action.

Wednesday May 27 : Mars semisquare Pluto : This is a good aspect for demolishing things and throwing them out. Start cleaning up your house, computer, phone etc. Avoid arguments.

Friday May 29 : Venus sesquasquare Saturn : Stick to the quiet routine today. This aspect is also good for beautifying things after cleaning up.

Saturday May 30 : Sun sesquasquare Pluto AND Mars semisquare Jupiter : Be careful about overexerting yourself today. These aspects demand Action but do not overdo it.