Moon Effects in Vikari Nama Samvatsara (2019-20)

Moon Vikari nama samvatsara 2019-20Moon (Chandra Graha) is the Dhanyadhipati (Cereals and food items) for Vedic New Year Vikari Nama Samvatsara (2019-20).
Food grains will have increased demand and rates in market.
All businesses related to liquids (water, soft drinks, alcohol), education will do good.
More people in asian countries will be inclined to travel abroad for higher studies and jobs.
But job situation will be worse than last year.
Economies of many countries will struggle.

More people will be inclined to learn foreign languages, english etc. and neglect mother tongue.
Prices of perfumes, deodorants, sexual stimulators will increase as more people will use them.
As Moon controls human minds, more people will suffer with mental issues. Lunatics, sadists, mentally retarded people will increase.
Moon also controls water bodies on earth, which causes more accidents in water.
Adventure water sports, swimming in rivers and oceans, divings can lead to disasters.
Few swimming pools can also be temporarily closed due to deaths.

Most of the love marriages will end up with divorce. Women will realize that love is a cover for sexual relation and men will understand ‘something similar‘in their relations.
Crime related to extra marital affairs, sexual relations, love will increase. Few celebrity sex scandals will get exposed this year.
Number of women criminals will increase.
Adulteration of soft drinks, liquor will lead to diseases.
Youth will commit suicide for silly reasons.
More people will get inclined towards religion and spirituality.
Natural calamities can hit farmers but governments will extend helping hand.