Saturn transit in Swathi Nakshatra from 11 October 2012

saturn in swathi nakshatra 2012-13Saturn, the biggest karmic planet will be transiting in swati nakshatra(constellation) from 11th october 2012 after 04:12 HRS (IST) , according to K.P Ayanamsa.
It will continue in same constellation till 4 november 2013, 07:45 HRS (IST), and then move onto Visakha nakshatra.
Saturn transiting in constellation owned by rahu will prove beneficial for those who are born with rahu as significator of favorable houses in their horoscopes.

During this transit of 13 months, saturn influences swathi constellation and will aspect these constellations : Anuradha, Bharani and Arudra.
People born with moon in above nakshatras will face some tough times, hurdles in their work, financial hiccups, minor losses in business, threats of losing job, defamation, ill-health and strained relations.
However, bad effects will be reduced when saturn becomes combust by conjuncting with sun during september – october (2012 and 2013).

If you are born under these constellations : Aswini, Chitra, Visakha and Mrigasira, you will see lot of relief after 11th october 2012.
All pending work will be cleared within short span of time.
The 7.5 year transit of saturn (Sade-Sathi) effects will be severe for people born with moon under swathi and anuradha constellations.

Also during this period, Rahu will be entering its own constellation, Swathi, in july 2013 and will be conjunct saturn for next few months.
During this conjunction of two big karmic planets in same sign and constellation, big decisions will be taken by governments of many countries (especially india), which will effect many lives.
Also mars will aspect both these planets during august-september 2013, which causes border threats, communal riots, stiff opposition against government, violent situations in major cities etc.

To minimise intensity of ill-effects, quitting alcohol and meat, refraining from lying, avoiding loans and loose talk are best remedies.