Saturn transit in Anuradha Nakshatra from 30 November 2014, Effects

saturn transit in anuradha nakshatraSaturn, the biggest, yet slowest moving karmic planet will be transiting in its own nakshatra (constellation) Anuradha (β, δ and π Scorpionis) in Scorpio Sign (Vrischik Rasi) from 30th November 2014 after 02:37 HRS (IST) , according to K.P Ayanamsa.
It will continue in same constellation till 27 December 2015, 16:40 HRS (IST), and then move onto Jyeshta nakshatra in Scorpio (Vrischik Rasi).
Saturn transiting in a constellation owned by itself makes it powerful during next 13 months but since the sign lord Mars in inimical and a harsh planet, results can be severe (good or bad depending on saturn’s significations in personal horoscopes of individuals).
If Saturn signifies progressive houses like 1,2,3,4,6,9,11 in one’s horoscope, then this transit will be beneficial.
However, Saturn signifying 6th house can bring back atleast one chronic disease and if it signifies 7th house, it can help you get married (which was being delayed since long time).
If it signifies 12th house, it can cause insomnia, uncontrolled expenditures but also a long distance or foreign travel.

During this transit of 12 months, saturn influences Anuradha constellation and will aspect these constellations : Moola, Rohini and Pushyami.
People born with moon in above nakshatras will face some tough times, hurdles in their work, financial hiccups, minor losses in business, threats of losing job, defamation, ill-health, lack of concentration in education and strained relations.
However, bad effects will be reduced when saturn becomes combust by conjuncting with Sun during December 2015.
If this transit is producing negative results for you, then Jupiter’s aspect from Cancer can save you atleast till July 2015.

If you are born under these constellations : Krittika, Visakha, Jyeshta and Punarvasu, you will see some relief from December 2014 in personal and professional life.
More benefic time for people born under Punarvasu nakshatra.
All pending work will be cleared within short span of time. If you felt, time was being wasted for useless issues, they will end soon and you will get busy.
The 7.5 year transit of saturn (Sade-Sathi) effects will be severe for people born with moon under Anuradha and Moola constellations.

Politically and economically, this transit will hurt countries like Pakistan, Iran, USA, UK and few other middle-east countries.
Prices of oil (gasoline and other petroleum products) will come down for a while.
Investments in oil, coal will increase. Coal will be regarded as future ‘BLACK GOLD‘.
When Mars transits Aries and Taurus during April-June 2015, it will aspect saturn and cause severe accidents, unexpected deaths.
Also when it transits Leo during September-October 2015, it will be aspected by Saturn.
If your personal horoscope has mars aspecting or conjuct saturn, you need to be watchful during those months.

Saturn in own constellation and in mars sign is good for agriculture and real estate business in areas nearer to sea coast.
Saturn indicates physical labor, employment under someone, hard work, insomnia (sometimes can be oversleep and laziness too), research work, concentration etc.
These 13 months are best to put in all your efforts to complete a monumental task.
Majority can expect changes at work place.
Also good time to hit the gym or try some yoga or sports to lose weight and get back in shape.

Saturn balances our karmic index by letting us face results of our own deeds from past lives.
The best remedies to handle a tough saturn transit are : quitting alcohol and meat, refraining from lying, changing jobs, having control over food and sex, avoiding loans and loose talk.