Seven planets influence Taurus and Scorpio in May 2012

Taurus may 2012Six planets, Jupiter, Venus (Retro), Ketu, Sun, Moon and Mercury will be transiting taurus (vrishabha rasi) between 21-22 may 2012.
After 22nd, except moon, rest of the planets will continue to transit taurus for next 2 weeks, until mercury moves into gemini.

During this period, Rahu in scorpio (vrishchik rasi) will be influencing those 6 planets in taurus.
All these planets conjuncting in same sign, will cause confusion in decision making for people born under ascendants and moon signs of taurus and scorpio.
Mars in Leo will be aspecting Rahu in scorpio and this will amke life tougher for people born under this sign.

More than taurus natives, scorpions will be effected this month with these transits and conjunctions.
Scorpions will be under heavy influence of 8 planets (except retrograde saturn).

Aries born will be forced to repay dues but their income will not help them in this situation.
Gemini natives should try to cut down their expenses, else will end up spending all their savings.

Cancer born will have good time as most planets are transiting their 11th house.
Leo born will have severe work pressure and few changes at work place.
Virgo born will make good contacts and spread their social circle but they need to watch out their words before speaking and ignore words of others.
Libra born will be strained and drained due to heavy work but sudden income will keep them satisfied.

Scorpions will have tough time convincing their partners and many health issues will resurface this month.
Should avoid taking loans or investing in new business.
Sagittarians will have some disappointing moments but will remain busy throughout the month.
Capricorn born will lack control over mind and will be pulled from all directions. Few of them will worry about their lovers or kids future and will have few arguments with them.

People born under Aquarius should take more rest and work less during daytime.
Pisceans will be courageous but should be careful about their health while travelling.
Good time for people in creative fields.
They will have confidence to convince anyone with their words but should be cautious while chosing words.
Their financial and social status will increase and new oppurunities will be offered.

India will face tensions at border with neighbouring countries.
Terrorist activities will be exposed in many places.

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