Cancer Disease, Astrological Reasons & Planetary Combinations

Cancer disease in Vedic AstrologyVedic Astrology discusses about ‘Vrana Yoga‘ (Cancer disease) which is possible due to many planetary combinations and aspects in a horoscope.

General rule for Vrana Yoga is that, if 6th house lord is malefic (placed in nakshatra or constellation of 7th or 8th lord) and if it is placed in Ascendant, 8th house or 10th house, then Cancer disease is possible in Vimsottari Dasa of that planet.

This is most likely for people born in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces ascendants.
If it is associated to ascendant, then it can lead to brain cancer.

Planets & Cancer causing areas in body


PlanetBody Part to be effected by Cancer
SunHead (Brain), Heart, Stomach, Blood
MoonBone Marrow, Breasts, Lungs, Heart
MarsBlood, Bone marrow, Reproductive organs,
Uterus, Neck and Rectum
MercuryNose, Mouth, Umbilicous
JupiterEars, Liver, Thighs, Brain
VenusTroat, Reproductive organs
SaturnHands, Feet, Legs, Gums
KetuHead, Neck, Blood, Back/Spine

In general, Saturn is always linked with all diseases (especially chronic and long term) and if cancer causing planet is in anyway associated (conjunct, aspect, in constellation, in sign) with saturn, then cancer will take long time to cure.
Also if either Saturn or cancer causing planet are Retrograde in birth chart, the disease takes longer time to get cured.

Saturn and Rahu influencing second house (by placement or aspect) are main reason for tobacco chewing and smoking habits.
A person with these aspects should be careful and try to quit tobacco as it can lead to mouth, throat and lung cancer.

Houses & Cancer causing areas in body


Malefic Planet influencing HouseBody Part to be effected by Cancer
1st HouseBrain, Head
2nd HouseMouth
3rd HouseThroat, Neck
4th HouseChest, Breasts, Lungs, Back
5th HouseStomach, Blood, Bone Marrow
6th HouseLiver, Kidneys, Pancreas
7th HouseReproductive organs
8th HouseRectum, Piles, Spine
9th HouseThighs
10th HouseKnees
11th HouseLegs
12th HouseFeet