Earthquakes And Other Natural Calamities

Human beings suffer from their own actions and action of the King (Government). In addition, they suffer from the action of GOD in various facets of life-unexpected deaths and other injuries. For example, calamities come from fire, accidents, (both by trains, buses and aeroplanes), storms, earthquakes etc. All these result in lot of loss to life and property.
earthquake astrologyThis article would be mainly on Earthquakes, but a mention about other tragedies is inevitable and thus a brief reference shall be made, including reference to planets ruling on the day of event :

  • 13 cops among 16 killed in A.P. (Karimganj) blast – The Hindustan Times dated 27.11.1994 (Event on Saturday) – Combust Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in conjunction with Moon and the Moon in Leo (Ketu’s Nakshtra).
  • Cyclone toll 1,000 – East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh – dated 9.11.1996 – Effect of Saturday has started – Mars in Leo, Sun in Scorpio and Saturn (R) in Pisces (337 degrees).
    Mercury in last degrees in Libra. (In addition 4 killed in accidents involving private buses in Delhi on the same day).
  • Saudi Airlines plane crashed – 300 bodies recovered in Bhiwani (Haryana) – Tuesday – Mercury combust (Sun in Libra and Mercury in Scorpio at 2 degrees) – Saturn in Pisces as above – The Hindustan Times dated 16.11.1996.
  • 13 killed as planes collide in Illinois (Chicago) – the Hindustan Times dt. 21.11.1996 – Sun in Scorpio and day was Tuesday.
  • 7 killed as blue line rams into car. The Hindustan Times dated 30.11.1996 (Saturday)
  • 28 die in US missile strike – Hindustan Times dated 22.08.1998 – (Friday – Saturday). Sun in Leo (close to Rahu) and Saturn (R) in Aries (Ketu’s Nakshtra) Mercury/Venus/Mars in Cancer.
  • 30 feared drowned in Bihar flood – toll 240 – Hindustasn Times dated 30.08.1998 – Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra (Sun had just transitted Rahu) Saturn (R) in Aries.
  • 250 Fishermen missing in Mumbai coast and 15 buried in Avalanche (Dehradun) – Hindustan Times/Times of India dt. 18.10.1998 – Saturday. Sun just entering Libra (29.34), Moon in Leo, Moon had transitted Rahu, Venus in Virgo and Mars in Leo.
  • Above is a random study of calamities and it has been seen that Saturdays/Tuesdays have been responsible for disasters. Be that as it may, the closing decade of 20th century had been marked more by natural calamities – the world over. From paper reports, it appears that insurance companies had made more compensations to victims and the Governments come into picture after the event. Thus the point to be given attention is to the astrologer’s views and also of the predictions if any, given by the meteorology department and recently given by the Hyderabad based National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI).

Now, the following astrological principles are given for earthquakes – (we have very little material on this branch of astrology, but all attempts shall be made to contribute to this point) :

  • Earthquakes follow eclipses.
  • Adverse conjunctions between Mars/Saturn have been noted at the time of earthquakes.
  • Earthquakes have been noted to occur between midnight and sun-rise and in few cases between mid-day and sun-set.
  • The Moon and Mercury must conjunct and should be in the same Nakshtra.
  • Frequent happening of earthquakes is indicated when planets like Uranus, Saturn, Mars or Jupiter occupy Taurus or Scorpio.
  • When Saturn is aspected by Mars and Sun, Earth quakes and Volcano Eruptions can happen.
  • Nava Nayaka results in a Vedic Hindu New Year decide natural calamities.
  • Rahu (which causes bomb blasts, eruptions, explosions) and Mars influenced by Saturn will cause Earth Quakes, Tsunamis, Volcano eruptions etc.
  • Though there are more principles, but it may not be possible to refer to all of them. In Brihat Samhita reference has been made to bad omens, including unusual happenings before the earthquake occurs. All these need verification with reference to present times in view of more habitation coming up all over the world. Varahmihira in his Brihat Samhita has mentioned that earthquakes are caused by violent collision of winds and their striking the earth.
  • In 1999, it is stated that for an earthquake to happen severe affliction of the 8th house or its lord must be indicated. (8th house, inter-alia indicate mass deaths). In addition, position of 4th house and 4th lord need also to be looked as the 4th house represents masses. Further, the position of Saturn – representative of masses, cannot be ignored. Other principles included for earthquakes are eclipses falling at quadrants to Jupiter, Saturn or Mars. The area is generally indicated by the sign of the Zodiac, in which the combination occurs.
  • Keeping in view the planetary position earthquakes or other calamities are indicated on or about 14th Jan, 31st Jan, 99, 4th, 14th, 20th May, 99, 6th, 18th August, 99, 4th, 15th, 31st October, 1999, Ist, 16th, 21st and 27th Nov., 99 and 17th, 20th December, 1999.
  • Earthquakes had occurred on 15.1.1934, 28.7.1976, 29.5.1994, 5.5.1994, 17.8.1994, 30.5.1994 and 9.5.1995.