Effects of KETU conjunct with other Planets

Ketu planetKetu, the south node of Moon is the cause behind spiritual knowledge, practice of meditation, loss of interest in materlistic world, electricity, thunder bolts, gaits, current shocks, sudden and unexpected incidents in life.

Although Ketu does not exist as a physical planet, it is one of the strongest Karmic planet which influences human mind.
It acts as a seperator when conjunct with other planets and behaves like the sign lord in which it is placed, planet with which it is conjunct or aspected.
While giving results, it has similarities with Mars.

According to hindu mythologies, Ketu is the body of Asura (demon), whose head (Rahu) was chopped off by Lord Vishnu.

Effects of Ketu in conjunction with other Planets

Ketu with Sun : This gives lot of physical energy but only when Sun is powerfully placed (in Aries, Leo or Scorpio).
If these two are conjunct in Libra, energy is sucked up by Ketu.
In other signs, Ketu defies the person of his self confidence.
He/she will be physically weak, carry guilt feeling from past throughout their lives, become introverts, develop self pity and also expect others to show pity by listening to their boring stories.
Will have a bent spine, dropped shoulders and always talk pessimistic.

Moon with Ketu : This gives strong imagination as Moon, the mind controller is split-up by Ketu.
In young age, it causes few heart breaks, mental unrest, disturbing dreams, insomnia etc but in long run, it helps developing mental seperation from useless issues and helps good progress in spirituality.
These people can do multi-tasking and multi-threading in their mind.
Creativity, good narrative skills (depending on mercury’s strength) are indicated.

Mars with Ketu : This is a Volcano combination which gives too much of aggression, cruelty, high self confidence, devilish thinking, cunning nature etc.
One should exercise lot of self control over thoughts, words and actions if they have this combination in their personal horoscope.
These people can cause religious or racist wars.

Mercury with Ketu : This gives imagination, willingness to experiment and revolutionary ideas.
But for them to work, mercury should signify benefic houses.
If Mercury is malefic, then this gives lack of proper judgement in crisis, useless loose talk, blabbering and frustration.

Jupiter with Ketu : This is the best combination if it occurs in Sagittarius or Pisces signs.
Jupiter’s knowledge and wisdom are well utilised by Ketu’s instincts.
This is best combination for religious heads, spirituality, writers, orators etc.
If Jupiter is badly placed, then this leads to unpopularity in social life and religious activities.

Venus with Ketu : This is good only for actors, writers, singers, dancers and musicians.
It gives urge to find ‘TRUE LOVE‘, which they ultimately fail to find and develop frustration.
Venus controls production of sperm/ovary in human body and in many cases, this combination lead to lack of sperm count, childlessness, impotence or late born weak children etc.

Saturn with Ketu : This life is full of struggle, disappointments, frustrations and sorrow.
This gives many rare experiences.
If one wants to evolve and become an example for others, then this combination can help after middle-age.
They destroy all good that is related to the house they occupy together.