How to De-Stress your Partner, based on Moon Signs

destress partnerSometimes your partner can be stressed from his or her work, pressure situations in life, expectations, failures, boredom etc.
You need to understand your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend’s psychology and methods to de-stress your partner.
As Moon controls mind, Astrology helps you find ways to bring them back to cheerful mood based on their Moon Sign.

Aries: Aries are excellent communicators. When they are down in the dumps, use their own prowess to help them talk out their problems. Get them to take on the problem head on. Once, they have made their stance clear, they are already free of half the burden.

Taurus: They are all about Plan A and Plan B. So suggest them with various alternatives, no matter how ridiculous they sound. The fact that they have so many options makes them feel better and they are always miles ahead of the blues.

Gemini: Geminis know their ability to face rough weather and come out triumphant. To make them happy and bold during a crisis, simply remind them of their pass triumphs. Talk about how they have previously solved bigger issues. Geminis will get inspired and chase away their dampener mood.

Cancer: Tell Cancerians that it is fate, destiny and the planets that are making life miserable for them. In short, blame the extra terrestrial and outer worlds for every trouble in their lives. Cancerians love to resign to fate. So tell them what they want to hear.

Leo: These Leos ! Even when they are down, out and almost on the verge of being branded a loser, they want to hear flattering things about themselves. For better or for worse, praise the Leos the skies and before you utter Leo, they are up in the sky on cloud nine.

Virgo: Virgos are not immune to flattery either. However, it makes sense to use restraint while doing so. It suffices to help them realize their ability and motivate them to act fast. Do tell them that they should stop harping over perfection be practical in order to snap out of their mood.

Libra: They are soft spoken but they usually heed to those who are firm and tough talking. Set aside your soft corners for this peace-loving zodiac and give them a piece of your mind and advise about how they should pull their act together.

Scorpio: They act juvenile and immature when in trouble. Tell them in no uncertain terms that they should change their behavior. Scorpios heed to others only after they have exhausted all other avenues. Nevertheless, make them realize their folly, even if it means being rude to them.

Sagittarius: These progressive thinkers are already thinking of new waves to get outta the problem. Give them that much-needed push and see how they will snap out of the blue like magic.

Capricorn: Again, be firm to these guys too. Just remind them where they are and how they landed in a soup n here. They will defend themselves for a while, but they will soon tide over the mood.

Aquarius: When stressed, Aquarians feel claustrophobic (fear of having no escape or being locked down from all corners). It may be hard for them to explain to their spouse or friends why they need time alone.
Usually, they will not explain what is bothering them. Sometimes, they need time away from family but will spend it with friends.
You need to offer them mental variety, like change of place, change of mood, take them to an unique restaurant and they will cheerup.

Pisces: Remind them that they are among the most loved ones. Assure that they are the best (even if they are not). Give them security and make them feel wanted. They will come back to their usual jovial mood.