Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanus Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

sagittarius ascendantSagittarius Ascendant (Dhanus Lagna) born natives will have favorable period during Sun, Mars and Jupiter dasas according to Vedic Astrology. Moon and Mercury dasas will give moderate results. Venus dasa will yield bad results and Saturn, Rahu, Ketu will be somewhat better.

During favorable 7 years of mars (kuja) dasa, growth in family, education, profession, health, income is possible.
You will attain great social status, expertise in your work and will become popular in your neighbourhood.
But lack of anger management, ego and weakness for opposite sex will bring your reputation down.
Politicians will have good results only when they work collectively.
You will get benefited by secret groups meetings, plannings etc to overcome your enemies.

During favorable 6 years on sun (ravi) dasa, you will settle down in life and earn good reputation at work.
Politicians will achieve their desired status and power.
You will be philanthrophic and make donations for charity.
Health issues will trouble but you will find ways to overcome them.
Self confidence will also increase in this dasa.

During moderate 10 years of moon (chandra) dasa, your mother will face health problems.
You will have disputes and arguments with maternal relatives and also women related to you will cause irritation regularly.
These issues will make you lose confidence.
Health issues like obesity, asthma, cold, allergies, synus will constantly trouble.
However, speculative businesses like share market will offer good returns.
Travelling long distance, work from foreign countries or long distance, education at distant places will prove useful.
Long term investments, insurance policies etc will give good returns.
You will set an example for others in these aspects.
Those in fields of arts and literature will be recorgnised as a talented person.
To overcome few negative results in this moon(chandra) dasa, performing mahalakshmi homam and rudra japam are best remedies.

During moderate mercury (budha) dasa of 17 years, ups and downs in profession will be seen.
Few will stand as surety for others in financial transactions or legal issues and will be trapped or lose money.
You will not have promotions according to your talent but will remain firm in existing position.
Independent business will do better and partnerships will fail.
People who run educational instituitions, finance business, pawn brokers will do good.
Family and kids will see good progress.
There will be some dissatisfaction but nothing will effect normal life.
Performing Sudarsana Homam once a year will reduce some ill effects of this budha (mercury) dasa.

During moderate results yielding saturn (sani) dasa of 19 years, you will invest in buying assets.
Knee, joints, bones related problems will constantly trouble you during this dasa.
If you already have a long term chronic or hereditary disease, it will also trouble you now.
Servants and employees will co-operate but you will lose many opputunities because of higher authorities showing partiality towards others based on caste, religion, race etc.
Government will make new laws or ammend existing rules which will not be useful to you.
Will have differences with siblings.
Children’s issues will rob your peace of mind.
Despite your efforts to help your family and others, you will face only criticism.
Spiritual progress will be good and it will give some relief in this dasa.

During favorable 16 years of jupiter (guru) dasa, you will establish yourself in a profession of your interest.
Your knowledge, talent and skill will be recognised by others.
Spiritual progress, devotional thinking will give you peace of mind and prosperity too but you will have some bad reputation regarding kids issue.

During unfavorable 20 years of venus (sukra) dasa, threats in profression, lack of growth, health problems, financial tensions, enemity with others, loss in family, no settlement in family and life, insomnia etc bad results will be seen.
For dhanus lagna borns, these 20 years will be testing period.
There will be many unexpected bad results.
To overcome few of them, performing Apamrityu homam, Ashtalakshmi homam and Sukra Homam atleast once per year is best known remedy.

18 years of Rahu dasa will see slow progress.
Import-export business will flourish and foreign travel will prove useful.
You will acquire ancestral properties.
To overcome few ill effects during this dasa, performing Chandi Homam will be useful.

7 years of Ketu dasa will give spiritual and materialistic progress.
You will be highly religious and will be recognised as a good orator on these subjects.
Students will do good in competitive exams.
Performing Ganapati Homam once per year during this dasa will solve many problems.

Above predictions for dasa results will vary based on constellations and subdivisions occupied by those planets and also slight modifications will be done based on transit of planets.